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Plaster of paris

Attractive Design To Interiors With The Help Of POP

    There has been a tremendous rise in demand for land and the main reason behind it is the increasing population of the country. Now, creation of a proper house or locality is never considered to be an easy task and with increasing time there have been new methods to add innovations and new designs to the structure of building houses due to which the place to live or work becomes more creative and attractive. One of the major innovations done in recent times is down ceilings which have been done inside rooms also known as false ceilings. The main content which is used is POP (Plaster of Paris).POPPowderhelps to coat the walls for providing a decorative and architectural look. This is considered to be one of the greatest ways to add an attractive point to the interiors of rooms. Various POP powder suppliers are there in every city.

    The major advantage of using Plaster of Paris is that it helps to mould the cement to any shape quite easily. There is a specific way that has to be used while using POP which includes providing a chicken net exactly down to the main ceiling and that net helps to hold down the POP from falling. Following are various other advantages on the usage of POP:

    • Light in weight: The POP ceilings are not just attractive, but they are also light in weight which increases their chances of being durable.
    • Fire Resistant: It provides a good level of thermal conductivity which helps it in making more resistance to fire and good insulation of heating material.
    • Easy Mix-up: It becomes quite easy to be mixed up with water which further increases the chances of spreading and levelling up.
    • No cracks: POP has been observed not to crack up or wide open which makes it non-shrinkable while setting up.
    • Attractive Look: POP helps in providing an attractive look which provides a decorative finish to the interiors providing a huge satisfaction among customer.

    Since every coin has two sides. Hence, there are certain disadvantages to the usage of POP which are mentioned as follows.

    • Skilled Labour: There is a requirement of skilled professionals and laborers to perform the task.
    • Reduction of height: The creation of a false ceiling would mean that there would be an overall reduction of the height of the room.
    • Weather: The weather around is one of the major disadvantages especially when it is moist.
    • Tidy: The whole process of arrangement of POP could be very tidy and requires a lot of cleaning.
    • Maintenance: It has been observed that POP requires a lot of maintenance after a certain period.
    • Judgment: It requires proper human judgment to prepare the material which means there might be slight variations in balance and quality of texture.

    The whole process of manufacturing of Plaster of Paris is done with the help of gypsum which firstly is washed with the help of water to remove any kind of impurities which are present inside it. The use of POP is certainly beneficial to customers and is one of the most trending products which is used on the preparation of houses, offices. It provides a very smooth and attractive design onto the eyes so everyone must go for it.