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What Are The Uses Of Plaster Of Paris In Construction?

    Plaster of Paris (POP) is a powder like the substance of white colour created from gypsum. The name is due to large quantities of the substance found in Paris.

    POP is a construction material composed of calcium sulphate hemihydrates. It is made by heating gypsum to around 150 degree Celsius. It is a powder that is dry and hardens after mixing with water. This softens after drying. POP has wide applications in construction and architecture. POP channel suppliers & manufacturers in India benefit from the versatility of POP.

    POP has always been used to improve aesthetics of the buildings. Evidence of POP since ancient times can be seen in old Greek and Roman constructions. POP has other uses in art as a decorative material and also in medicine to make casts for broken limbs.

    The dry powder of plaster is mixed with water to form a paste with the stiff consistency. Masons apply this paste on the face of any structure to form a new surface. After some time, the material hardens by the liberation of water. This water liberation is via a chemical reaction referred to as crystallisation with the release of heat.

     One can mould the plaster and form it into any shape either at the same place or some other place and assemble it in the place of need. The plaster lacks strength and requires a supporting framework or lattice. This is hidden behind the plaster.

    Plaster is mostly used for decorations or relief work. The following are the advantages of using POP:

    • It does not shrink while setting and thus avoids cracks.
    • It is durable and lightweight.
    • It combines well with paint and helps in decoration of walls
    • It is easily workable as it mixes with water
    • It has high resistance to heat and can be made of the insulating material.
    • It has low thermal conductivity.
    • It can be moulded into various shapes.
    • The thick surface can withstand hard knocks
    • It can help provide a choice of smooth or hard finish.
    • It also sticks well to fibrous surfaces.
    • It does not interact chemically with paint and prevents alkali attack.
    • Its gypsum content provides smoothness and shine.
    • It works for making POP Cross Ceiling Channel.

    These are some of the benefits of suing POP in construction, decoration and architecture.