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POP Ceiling Designs to Decorate Your Home More Aesthetically

    Whether for the living room, bedroom, dining area, or any other part of your house or commercial space, false POP ceilings can be used to make the interior work look more aesthetic. It can be used to cover plain roofs or to conceal some part of construction or design that is not pleasing aesthetically, such as to protect centralized air-conditioning systems.

    Pop Jali manufacturers provide several varieties, such as intricate traditional designs and designs that you can customize in different colors, shapes, and sizes to make your room or space look more grand and plentiful.

    False ceilings are like secondary ceilings that are suspended from the principal ceiling. These optional ceilings are either made of POP (Plaster of Paris) or Gypsum plasterboard, and Plaster of Paris is called so as it’s made from gypsum, found near Paris.

    The POP is simply gypsum plaster which is a quick-setting powder. For making POP, gypsum is heated to the point where all its water content disperses and leaves behind a powdered substance. The powder hence formed is fine and white. It is then mixed with water to make molds of different shapes and sizes, leaving them to dry and become harder.

    While framing an existing false ceiling, an iron mesh (chicken mesh) is installed over it, which is this POP Jali post in which the electric channel is inserted.

    Using the concept of POP Jali is an excellent way to achieve the overall goals without thinking twice effectively.

    Let’s discuss some of the essential benefits of depending on the concept of a false ceiling for your home or commercial office:

    Prevention from damage:

    As a false ceiling is a secondary cover for an existing primary ceiling, this helps to prevent any damage by water or any other nature’s action. There should be no second doubt that a protective cover for your primary ceiling is highly beneficial for your home or commercial space as it helps boost the stability of your existing roof.

    Protection from heat:

    The false ceiling will act as a cover and protect the room from the heat, especially on summer days. It will ensure that the heating doesn’t affect the room temperature, and the room will get better cooling with air conditioning compared to the rooms without false ceilings.

    Decorative element:

    Including a false ceiling as a part of your interior design will constantly add more oomph and aesthetic to the entire room or space as they provide different options. It also helps to enhance the room without any significant chaos significantly.

    Easy to repair and install:

    The installation process of a false ceiling is incredibly hassle-free with the help of the right tools and skilled professionals. It is also not very common that a false ceiling requires repair, but in some cases where re-structuring or re-design is needed – it is elementary to rearrange the panels or repair the gypsum board.

    Pop Jali wholesalers in the industry also provide the benefit of price and durability to interior design companies to design best-in-class rooms quickly, which is also not time-consuming.