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Why buy POP Jali’s from the POP Jali Manufacturers?

    The place we live in has a huge influence on our personality and mood. Everyone wants their house to look beautiful. To make the house beautiful, people add various decorations, architectural designs, and ornamental materials. Each and every part of a house is equally important. The floor, the roof, the stairs, the window, all add up to the overall beauty of the place. Nowadays, people are adding a lot of details to the roofs of their houses. Innovative designs, colors, lights are added to the ceiling to make it look elegant and attractive. Making a false ceiling has become a trend these days. A false ceiling is a 2nd ceiling, hanging below from the primary ceiling, made of dust plaster of Paris and pop jalis. Pop jalis can be bought from pop jali manufacturers. The jalis are sold in both, the offline and the online stores.

    To begin with, a false ceiling has its own demerits. Such as:

    • It hangs a little lower from the primary ceiling. So the second ceiling looks a bit odd if not decorated well.
    • The ceiling is not made of solid plaster of Paris. So, it can fall if not build structurally.
    • Making a decorated false ceiling can be expensive

    Pop jalis are used when false ceilings are made. There are a lot of pop jali wholesalers in the market. They sell pop jalis at a reasonable price. We can buy the jalis from the suppliers and use them to make the false ceiling. To make a false ceiling, at first, the dust plaster of Paris is mixed with water so that a thick paste is formed. If the paste is applied directly to the primary ceiling, the chances of falling are very high. That is why a structure with pop jali is made on the primary ceiling. This structure helps the plaster to stay in place and lessens the risk. After the structure is ready and stable, the paste is applied to it and the whole ceiling is covered. Then the ceiling is left alone to dry and later color and other decorative elements are added.

    There are many merits of a false ceiling too. For example:

    • A false ceiling is made on the primary ceiling. So, it covers the primary ceiling and protects it from any damage.
    • A false ceiling protects the room from heat. In summer days, along with the roof, the ceiling gets heated and affects the room temperature. But a false ceiling stops the heat from spreading.
    • People can use many decorations on the false ceiling to enhance the beauty of the room.

    Adding false ceilings to a room is becoming more popular and to make the ceiling stable, pop jalis play a big role. Pop jali wholesalers give attractive discounts to their customers. If you bought from online stores, people can compare the prices and durability of different jalis. Pop jali manufacturers deliver defect-free, high-quality jails which can make our rooms look beautiful.