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Gold Plus Tile Adhesives – Best in Class for Decorating Your Space with Tiles

    Tiles are mainly used to clean the flooring and other places that can help one beautify their plain walls into beautiful-looking pieces of art. They are inexpensive and long-lasting and are a readily available commodity.

    To apply these, the requirement of a particular type of adhesive is necessary and not a normal one. With the use of Portland cement accompanied by various polymers such as epoxy and some very crucial additives which help the tiles to get pasted on the walls or the flooring more efficiently is created a mixture that is ready to use as a tile adhesive.

    Along with the application of tiles for flooring, tile adhesives are used to fix tiles on some corners of a wall, swimming pools, window panes, etc. Tile adhesives can be classified as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5. Every chemical manufacturer has re-branded these types as some names like gold, silver, etc. One such construction giant Trimurti Wall Care Products Pvt Ltd, have tile adhesives as one of their well-known and fast-selling products and has categorized them as follows:

    • Silver Tile Adhesive
    • Gold Tile Adhesive
    • Platinum Tile Adhesive
    • Silver Plus Tile Adhesive
    • Gold Plus Tile Adhesive

    Now, as one can notice, they have categorized the adhesives in ascending order – one being more premium than the other. Hence, we can understand that the last tile adhesive is the most premium, and the gold plus tile adhesive price is higher than the gold tile adhesive price. Now let’s understand what makes it so premium:

    Top-notch components:

    This type 2 tile adhesive is ready to use in a mixture made of cement-based polymer. It has been modified into a dry mix plaster that can be used to fix various types of tiles whether they need to be applied on the floor or a wall or a kitchen or bathroom counters.


    Gold plus tile adhesives are manufactured for strength and more heavy applications of tiles in any area of your home or commercial space. You can paste the tiles in any manner, horizontal, vertical, or even on internally facing surfaces.

    First-class qualities:

    What does one expect while replacing some portions of their walls to be covered by tiles instead of just painting them? That there should not be any water leakage, a highly durable and hardened finish, and very important that the tiles must not slump after application. To your surprise, gold plus tile adhesives have the best world-in-class water-resisting capability. They are durable and flexible as you can use them with any tile (ceramic, marble, stone, or glass). They also have the potential of anti-sag resistance for the best application of any tiles. If the application is perfect, it can also prevent hollowness in the walls.

    They also have some qualities that can be a game changer for many, which are:

    1. Shock-resistant
    2. Economical and easy application
    3. An easy option for wet areas like swimming pools, bathrooms, and toilets.

    The shelf life of these tile adhesives is also assured for the first 12 months after production until it is stored in a dry and cool place, and all these characteristics, compared with the gold plus tile adhesive price in India – it’s nothing. It will provide total value for your money.