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Putty for walls

All You Need to Know About Wall Putty

    Wall putty is a material that is used for construction purposes. Wall putty is a clay type material which is white. It is used as a white primer on the walls and other parts of any building before putting the final paints. There is a large variety of wall putty that is available in the market. These include waterproof wall putty, dust resistant wall putty, fungi protecting wall putty, etc.

    These are used as a protective layering for the paints. As wall putty helps in sticking the paint with the wall, it helps in keeping the paint fresh and new. The various ways in which wall putty helps in protecting the paint of your house are as follows:

    1. Prevents the paint from fading

    Wall putty keeps the paint protected even after exposure to sunlight, wind, water, etc. All these things result in making the paint dull and unattractive. But when the paint is applied after a primer or wall putty, the paint does not chip off easily. It looks new-like for a longer time. It looks bright and attractive, which makes your home look prettier.

    1. Protects the paint from weather conditions like rainfall and dusty storms

    Wall putty protects the paint from adverse weather conditions. These conditions make the hold of the paint on the wall weaker. As a result, it starts coming off. To protect the paint from these conditions, wall putty should be used every time you paint your house. This increases the life of your paint and makes it stronger.

    1. Keeps the paint in place

    If the paint is applied without any protective layer, it falls off very easily. This arises the need for applying paint again and again after short intervals. So, to protect the paint and to save yourself from the expenses of painting your house, again and again, you should always use wall putty.

    1. It can also be used as a filler or sealant for filling the cracks

    Wall putty has additional applications as well. Apart from being used in painting, wall putty can also be used to fill the cracks. When water is added to the putty, it takes the form of a paste. This paste could be used to fix holes and small cracks in the home. This also acts as a sealant that protects the walls from catching sealing due to regular exposure to water.

    There are a large number of wall putty manufacturers in India. The products of these manufacturers are famous worldwide. They are not the new entrants in the market; rather they are the same companies that manufacture paint and other things that are used in the process of construction. Wall putty is very easy to apply and is very useful for you as well as your home; it acts as a protective sheet to the paint. With all these benefits, you should use wall putty under your paints if you have not used it before and experience the benefits of applying the same.