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cement block jointing mortar

Why You Should Use AAC Block Jointing Mortar?

    AAC block jointing mortar is an adhesive used by many construction companies in finishing the work assigned to them. It is an extremely cost-effective and beneficial product for the construction workers as well as in the whole process of construction.

    It has various benefits due to which AAC block jointing mortar should be used for joining various parts of the construction. The reasons why AAC block jointing mortar should be used in place of other adhesives are as follows:

    1. Thin joints

    This adhesive helps in adding the blocks together with minimum space. The joints made using AAC block fixing mortar are very thin and look tidy. They do not hinder the other parts of the construction of the building.

    1. Requires less material

    AAC block fixing mortar can help in fixing the various parts of the construction with the help of very less material. This not only helps in ensuring the optimum utilization of the resources but also helps in saving the money of the responsible authority.

    1. Speeds up the process of construction

    This adhesive paste is efficient than other adhesives. It takes very little time to apply this paste. Not only its application is extremely easy, but it also dries very quickly. This speeds up the whole process of construction.

    1. Helps in saving water

    AAC block fixing mortar is self-drying and self-fixing. It does not require water sprinkles or other extra efforts to make it dry and get into proper form. This helps in saving water and other resources.

    1. Clean sites

    The sites at which AAC block fixing mortar is used are cleaner and tidier than the sites that use other adhesives. It is because of the use of less material and additives. This also helps in speeding up the process of construction.

    1. Material is available throughout the year

    The raw material for making adhesives using AAC block fixing mortar is available round the year. There is no permanent season in which it is short in supply or does not work.

    1. Provides insulation

    AAC block fixing mortar retains the heat from the surroundings. This helps in insulating the building or any home in which this product is used. This can prove to be very helpful for construction in places that are extremely cold and do not have optimum sunlight for natural heat.

    1. Quality controls

    The works that are done using AAC block fixing mortar are very high in quality. The material is manufactured keeping all the standards and quality control measures in mind. This provides additional security to the people who are using this material for the construction of their houses, offices, or other infrastructures.

    There are a large number of block jointing mortar manufacturers in India. Due to so many manufacturers, this product is easily available in the market. Easy availability of the product makes it affordable and effective for usage by the people working in the construction industry. Therefore, people should use AAC block fixing mortar for construction purposes and take benefit from it.