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Wall Putty Guide For Your Dream Home

    Everyone wants to have a perfect lifestyle that they dreamt of. The perfect lifestyle includes their perfect home, office, furnishing, etc. Everyone wants to get a compliment for their homes and that is why they always got so excited about the decoration of their home. They are hiring professional people to perform the various activities relating to their home including interior or exterior designing etc. Every area of your home needs to be perfect including your walls. Many people in order to save their money put direct paint on their walls and over the period of time paint cracked or peeled.

    But in order to get the perfect touch of your walls, you need to add something extra and that is wall putty. The wall putty manufacturers in India, like Trimurti, manufacture the best wall putty for your walls. Wall putty is a white coloured cement powder which is then converted into a mixture that is applied on the walls. There are so many reasons for applying it before painting. Some of them are:

    • To make the surface smooth: wall putty mixtures make the surface smooth and soft. If we do not apply wall putty on walls the surface will not be plain, and the texture of paint will not be as perfect as you want. It is always advisable to use wall putty on walls before applying paint.
    • Increasing life of paint: if you did not apply wall putty on the walls then your paint will be spoiled only after some time. It provides the inner strength to the walls which helps in increasing the shelf life of the wall paint.
    • Essential for both exterior and interior walls: the wall putty must be applied on both interior as well as exterior walls. Many people were having the misconception that wall putty is only essential for the interior walls. What if the outer look of your home is displaying cracked paint. So, it must be applied to both.

    Here are some tips to apply the perfect wall putty. These are:

    • If there is any hole, crack or anything on the wall then you must apply wall putty on it perfectly. Let it completely dry before you apply paint on it.
    • Many people are not aware that how much quantity of wall putty they have to apply on the walls. For them, you have to apply one or two layers of wall putty on the wall remaining it also depends on the previous texture of your wall. You must give sufficient time to one layer to become completely dry.
    • Try to make the surface clean, dry, and free of dust before you apply wall putty to get the best results.

    Trimurti offers a range of products like wall putty, gypsum powder, POP jali, cement primer, POP channel, quick bond, etc which will help you to get the perfect walls for your dream place. Putty for walls is the perfect solution to get the desired and smooth texture on the walls.