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gold plus tile adhesive

How to Tile in the Right Manner

    For tiling, the tile adhesive is the most appropriate choice. The tile adhesive has completely replaced cement for this purpose. There exist different types of tiles adhesives such as Gold plus tile adhesive etc. that can be put to use to either tile the wall or floor or both. There has been a significant increase in the demand for tiles adhesive, and why not. They are very easy to use, unlike cement. All one needs to do is mix the adhesive with water in the required quantity as specified in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Tile adhesive provides much stronger support to the tiles than the cement. The tiles adhesive leads to a stronger bond which was earlier a big issue because of the use of cement. Moreover, the tiles adhesive makes the work completed at a much faster pace. It has been found that with the use of tiles adhesive, the chances of tiles breaking down are much lower when compared to the used cement. Thus, the benefits of tiles adhesive are unlimited, but still, there are certain issues that one may face in tiling. These issues can be overcome when one follows the right way of using tile adhesive to lay down the tiles. These are mentioned below:

    • Surface Preparation: To ensure the success of tile adhesive, it is very important to ensure that tiles are properly prepared for installation. A structurally sound substrate is very crucial for tiles to be laid properly. Thereby one must ensure that the surfaces where tiles are to lay down must be cleaned, dry, smooth, and free from wax and grease as these could major issues in the whole process. In case of uneven or damaged areas, tiles must also be laid when it is repaired or levelled.
    • Setting tiles: The next step is setting tiles. For this step to be a success, the choice of the right adhesive is the most important. Thus, one must take proper measures in selecting the right adhesive. Otherwise, the whole process will be a failure and thus leading to wastage of money, time, and effort. After the choice is made, make sure to read all the instructions and precautions before use. Mix then set in such a way and quantity that it must be used within 30 minutes as otherwise the adhesive will go dry and will of no use. There is also a pre-mixed adhesive that can be directly applied. Also, one must use the appropriate size and type of trowel for proper implementation.
    • Grouting Joints: Before beginning with grouting joints, make sure that the tiles are set to avoid disturbing the bond. The time for which one must wait is usually mentioned on the package. However, it is recommended to wait for 24 hours to start with grouting joints. One can choose any colour of grout but going within coordination with tiles colour is the best option.

    Hence these are essential steps that will help in tiles installation. These steps ensure that everything place in a smooth manner without causing the tiles to break or loose.