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How the Use of Tile Adhesive Become So Popular?

    Over time, a lot of changes have been seen in the overall construction process. Earlier cement was used to lay down the tiles on the floor. Though it was fine, it still used to undergo different problems that cannot be ignored. This is the reason a new product has been launched in the market known as Tile adhesive. It is like an instant glue mixture that is used instead of cement these days. Trimurti, one of the leading manufacturers, has come up with POP, Gypsum plaster, Wall Putty, Tile adhesive, etc., even they have different variants in tile adhesive like Silver adhesive, Silver Plus tile adhesiveGold adhesive, and Platinum adhesive.

    The tile adhesives are commonly used for the interior flooring as it has the superior bonding, longevity, and maximum convenience. The use of the tile adhesive is a very cost-effective deal for the contractors that will perform the task within less time.

    To use these Silver Plus Tile adhesives, the worker needs to follow the given steps. Let’s take a look at them.

    • First of all, clean the surface and make sure it is dust, water particles, and oil-free. Even use a towel to wipe out the surface.
    • Now take a bucket and fill in 6 litres of clean water in it. Make sure the water is also free from all the dust particles. Now the person can put the bag of tile adhesive of 20 kg into the bucket. Give a nice stir manually or use electric stirrers to mix the adhesive well with water.
    • Apply the thin layer of adhesive mix and makes notches on the surface with a notched trowel so that the adhesive mixture gets that extra friction and provides better adhesion.
    • Now place the tiles on the surface and put very little pressure using the wooden plank so that the tiles can push out the excessive adhesion. 
    • Lastly, the person can wipe out the excess adhesive, and the tiles are placed and ready.

    It will only take 24 hours for the tiles to settle in and get ready. Such fast processing of the tile adhesive is making it very popular among people. Not only this, but

    Tile adhesive also provides with many benefits listed below:

    • Extremely strong:

      Though cement is very strong to hold the bricks together, it is not as good for the application of tiles. Years after the use of the cement, the tiles will lose their strength and will come out. But the tile adhesive is the newest material that is specifically manufactured for the tiles. With the use of this, the tiles will remain in place and will hold their strength for decades.

    • Easy to use:

      The tile adhesive comes in a pre-mix which is ready to use. The person just needs to add some water and give it a nice mix, and the mixture is ready to use. Just remember one thing the bucket or the tub in which the mixture is made should be free from all dust particles.

    So better use the Tile adhesive from Trimurti. It is one of the great products available in the market.