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The Benefits of Gypsum Plaster

    Gypsum is made of soft sulphate mineral, derived from calcium sulphate dehydrate. It is a truly versatile material used for making plaster, sculpture, mould and fertilizer. It is a material like chalk and has low weight. In nature, it is found in crystalline form. Gypsum is very popular in the construction industry.

    Plaster of Paris (POP) is created by pulverizing gypsum and heating it to 150 degree centigrade. When water is added POP turns into regular gypsum which make the resultant material hard. The hard material can be used to create moulds for construction and casting.

    Gypsum Plaster is created by adding water to POP. This material can be used for application over concrete, block or brick to form a smooth surface. Gypsum plaster has replaced the need for process of mixing sand, cement and water. A single coat of Gypsum plaster will suffice which can be made by mixing POP with water. Gypsum Plaster can be sourced from gypsum plaster manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh.

    Gypsum plaster (GP) when used in construction industry has following advantages:

    • Ease of application

    GP can be applied directly over block/ brick work without need for separate finishing. It is also very easy for application and levelling.

    • No cracks or shrinkage

    Reaction of Gypsum with water produces a fraction of heat as compared to water reacting with cement. Thus, compared to traditional plaster of cement, there will be much fewer shrinkage and cracks in GP.

    • Fast time for setting

    GP sets quickly taking only 20 to 30 minutes. Hence one can begin painting, even 72 hours following application of GP. Plaster has to dry before painting.

    • No need for curing

    As opposed to traditional plaster made of cement, GP doesn’t need any curing during the process of construction.

    • High productivity

    Use of gypsum plaster in Uttar Pradesh, substantially reduces time for setting in comparison to traditional plaster of cement.

    • Top performance

    After drying, GP becomes very strong, lightweight and durable.

    • Smooth finish

    Walls applied with GP have perfectly lined, smooth, levelled walls and perfect corners at right angles.

    These are some of the benefits of gypsum plaster.