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Mode of Applying Wall Putty Prior to Paint

    Wall putty refers to a material with high plasticity having the same texture as dough or clay. It is generally used in domestic construction as a sub layer before application of paint and also a filler and sealant.

    Wall care putty is crucial for smooth finish, durability and hardness of the surface of a wall, before painting.  It serves as a foundation for paint. One must also prepare the wall surface for applying wall putty.

    Preparing Surface

    • Make sure that surface on which you apply putty is made of cement material or plastered.
    • Provide remedial measures or separate treatment for fungus, dampness, leakages, etc.
    • Clean the surface completely. It should be free of wax, oil, grease, residual paints, loose particles, dust, etc.
    • Remove all loose material from surface by rubbing down with the use of putty blade, wire brush, or emery paper.
    • Moisten wall with enough quantum of clean water and permit it to dry before applying putty. Make sure surface is wet in the right way


    • Combine wall putty with necessary amount in a pan, adding water in a 2: 1 ratio or as per suggestion of manufacturer.
    • Stir constantly using electric mixer or hand for around 10-15 minutes. Mix in a thorough fashion to get a paste like, creamy consistency.
    • Prevent formation of lumps during mixing.


    • Apply a single coat of primer before applying putty and dry it overnight. This is recommended by some manufacturers while some do not.
    • The first coat must be applied in a vertical fashion of bottom to top by making use of trowel/ spatula/ putty blade etc.
    • Allow first coat of putty to dry for 6 to 8 hour
    • After it is dry, rub surface gently using emery paper to remove loose particles.
    • Following the first coat, begin application of second coat of putty.
    • Get a glossy surface by rubbing wall surface with sand paper after the wall is completely dry.
    • Drying time may differ as per thickness, humidity, and temperature.

    These are all same aspects about using wall putty for finishing walls.