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tile adhesive for walls in India
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What are the best tile adhesives for wall in India

    Tile adhesives are the adhesives used to fix the cracks, increase the durability and compatibility by creating a strong bond between the tiles and the surface (floor or walls). Due to its ability of instant ready mixture, faster drying and higher string bonding capacity, tile adhesive for walls has become a great choice. Whether it is for DIY people or professionals. There are numerous types of tile adhesive for walls in India to meet the various demands of individuals. 


    Let’s discover the advantages, factors, different types of tile adhesives and where one can get the wall tile adhesive at the best price in India

    Factors to be considered when choosing a tile adhesive for walls

    There are a tremendous number of factors that matter when choosing a tile adhesive for walls at the best price in India- such as compatibility, durability, and where to buy wall tile adhesive online at best price. 

    Let’s discover the factors in depth. 

    • Compatibility: The adhesive needs to be compatible with the type of tiles you’re using and the surface you’re applying them to. Different types of tiles (ceramic, porcelain, glass, etc.) may require different adhesives to ensure proper adhesion.
    • Durability: The adhesive should provide a strong and long-lasting bond between the tiles and the wall. Durability ensures the security of tiles such as in different climatic conditions and temperature change within a pocket-friendly wall tile adhesive price.
    • Bonding: A good tile adhesive should have excellent bonding properties to ensure that the tiles adhere firmly to the wall surface without any risk of detachment or slippage over time.
    • Drying Period: The drying period refers to the time it takes for the adhesive to set and cure after application. It’s essential to consider the drying period, as it can affect the overall installation time and when you can grout the tiles. Some adhesives offer rapid setting times, which can expedite the installation process, while others may require longer drying periods for optimal bonding.


    Considering these factors ensures that you select the most suitable tile adhesive for your wall tiling project

    Different Types of Tile Adhesive for Walls in India

    There are different types of tile adhesives for walls available, such as cement-based, epoxy, and acrylic adhesives, each designed for specific applications and conditions.


    Cement-based adhesives are commonly used for standard wall tiling projects, while epoxy adhesives are preferred for areas exposed to moisture or heavy traffic. Acrylic adhesives are often used for lightweight tiles or where flexibility is required. 

    Here are details given for each type of tile adhesives for walls, so one can choose as per the requirements and needs. 

    • Cement-Based Tile Adhesive

    Cement-based tile adhesives for walls are a combination of cement, graded sand, and additives to enhance bonding strength.


    • Suitable for both interior and exterior wall applications.
    • Offers excellent adhesion for ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles.
    • Available in powdered form, requiring mixing with water before application.
    • Provides high initial grab and bonding strength.


    Cement based tile adhesive for walls is ideal for fixing tiles on concrete, cement plaster, and masonry surfaces.

    • Polymer-Modified Cementitious Tile Adhesive

    Polymer-modified cementitious adhesives contain additives like polymers to enhance flexibility, water resistance, and adhesion.


    • Offers superior bonding strength and flexibility, minimizing the risk of tile breakage due to substrate movement.
    • Suitable for interior and exterior walls, including wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Available in powdered form, requiring mixing with water.
    • Provides good resistance to water and moisture ingress.

    Recommended Use: Suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaic, and natural stone tiles on various substrates.

    • Epoxy Tile Adhesive

    These are made with a mixture of two main compounds, i.e., the resin and the hardener. The covalent bond between the epoxide group and resin ensures a stronger bond while they are used as tile adhesives. Although they are suitable for all types of tiles and walls, they are mostly used in home environments that are more challenging than normal areas.


    • Provides high bond strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
    • Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and temperature variations.
    • Available in two-part formulations (resin and hardener), requiring precise mixing before application.
    • Offers extended open time for adjustments during installation.

    Recommended Use: Ideal for fixing tiles in commercial kitchens, food processing areas, swimming pools, and areas prone to chemical exposure.

    • Ready-to-Use Adhesive:

    Ready-to-use adhesives are premixed formulations containing polymers, fillers, and additives for instant use.


    • Offers convenience and time-saving benefits, eliminating the need for onsite mixing.
    • Suitable for quick installations and small-scale projects.
    • Provides good adhesion on dry, clean, and sound substrates.
    • Available in paste or gel consistency, facilitating easy application with a trowel or a putty knife.

    Recommended Use: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, small repairs, and temporary installations on walls.


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