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Floor and wall tile adhesive
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A Brief Guide on Tile Adhesive for Floors

    Tile adhesive is a smooth, slippery cement-based powder, which is used to securely bond the tiles to different surfaces- floors, walls etc. Floor and wall tile adhesive is used to fix tile cracks, and installation of tiles, and is ideal for the areas with movement and expansion. In the sustainability, durability, and stability of tiles, a good tile adhesive plays a vital role. Whether it is for professional or DIY people, there are numerous tile adhesives for floors

    In this blog, we will discover the types, advantages, and products of tile adhesive for floors with its importance. 

    Benefits of Using Tile Adhesive for Floor Tiles

    There are numerous benefits of using tile adhesives for floor tiles as these are cost-effective, provide good quality work, and are easy to use. Here, is a list of the following benefits of tile adhesive discussed, let’s have a look


    • Superior bond: Tile adhesive provides a superior and excellent bonding between the tiles and the superior. It ensures that tiles do not crack, or loose over some time. 
    • Fast and efficient: Tile adhesive for floors in India, takes no time as they can be grouted even without waiting for the moisture to complete. 
    • Quality work: Using adhesives can avoid broken tiles, stains, or efflorescence. The best adhesive for floor tiles provides high bonding, shear strength, and long-lasting tile work. Floor and wall tile adhesive provide durability and sustainability to highly traffic and mixture-prone areas, where the tiles need to withstand constant wear and tear. 
    • Economical: Using tile adhesive can be a cost-effective choice for tile installation. When using tile adhesives there is no need for additional materials such as mortar cement, or by reducing both labor and material cost. 
    • Flexibility and stability: Different types of floor and wall tile adhesives give flexibility and stability to tiled surfaces. This allows for slight movement and expansion that can occur due to temperature changes, reducing the risk of tiles cracking or breaking.
    • Easy to use: Tile adhesive is designed to be user-friendly and easy to work with. It comes in a ready-to-use form, eliminating the need for mixing and preparing mortar cement. With the use of its smooth consistency, it becomes easy to spread and apply. It ensures the proper coverage and adhesion between the tiles. 

    Floor and tile adhesives have similar workings with many other substances like- cement, but in comparison, these are proven more effective in terms of saving time due to their moisture control capability and flexibility.


    Different Types of Tile Adhesive for Floors 

    The number of tiles of adhesive for floors in India is huge, different types of tile adhesives provide different results as epoxy adhesive is majorly used in home environments, acrylic tile adhesive provides moisture and is good at spaces with high moisture, and many more are here. Let’s know more about it. 

    1.Tile Adhesive (Silver)

    Silver floor tile adhesive is a very niche product, this product encounters the needs of Interior tile fixing solutions for your homes and offices. It is a proven value-for-money formula that is widely in use for its Interior floor tiles feature that gives it sustainability for many years to come. With a low settling time, it increases the reasonability of the price. 

    2.Tile Adhesive (Silver plus)

    Silver and Silver Plus Tile Adhesive is a very niche product to specifically encounter the needs of flooring tile fixing solutions for your homes and offices. These silver and silver plus adhesives are suitable for interiors and exterior floor tiles. It is made of Korean Polymers that increase its bonding and enhance its workability.

    3. Platinum tile adhesive for both floor and walls

    This is the best adhesive for floor tiles which is applicable in various functionalities for all kinds of ceramic and porcelain tiles with an ability to hold tiles for a longer span. This tile adhesive is useful in fixing tiles to walls, tile on tile, floor and wall stones, swimming pool tiles, roofing tiles, flooring tiles, and partition tiles – be it interior or exterior.

    4. Epoxy Adhesive

    The most effective type of adhesive is epoxy adhesive. These are made with a mixture of two main compounds, i.e., the resin and the hardener. The covalent bond between the epoxide group and resin ensures a stronger bond while they are used as tile adhesives. Although they are suitable for all types of tiles and floors, they are mostly used in home environments that are more challenging than normal areas. They are expensive in comparison to other tile adhesives, and they take less time to stick during the application.

    5. Acrylic-based tile adhesive

    These types of tile adhesive are more likely to be slip-resistant, and they have grabbing qualities. They are premixed and ready to apply. They fall for easy application during the construction while also decreasing the time of application and dryness. Natural stone and ceramic tiles are more likely to be applied using acrylic-based tile adhesive. Primarily, they are considered to be used for applications with wall tiles. These adhesives are mainly used at a pace with high moisture because of their moisture lock and resistance ability. 

    6. LVT and Vinyl Floor Adhesives

    These are the best floor adhesives in the most demanding environment where extra heavy traffic comes, extreme climate changes, and rolling loads happen. This Vinyl floor adhesive is resistance-free and specially designed for heavy and huge loading environments. 

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    Find the best Tile Adhesive for Floors at Trimurti Products

    A product which stays longer gives good stability and meets your needs is very difficult nowadays as everyone has different needs. Some want to place tiles for homes, some need it for moisture control and some need to place tiles for huge environmental places. To meet all the requirements here comes the role of Trimurti Products. 

    Trimurti Products is a leading floor and wall tiles adhesive exporter company in India. We deal with all clients and meet their requirements. At our store, you will find a wider range of tile adhesives, including silver plus and platinum, made from Korean polymers. Our products are made under our supervision, which guarantees the highest quality with a long-lasting effect.