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Use of Gypsum Mortar in Modern Building Construction Saves Time

    Modern builders are making increasing use of material produced through technological advances. This includes most of the material needed for everyday construction. One of the most useful building materials is the gypsum powder. This is made from calcining and grinding gypsum powder and drying off any water that is present.

    Composition of gypsum

    The gypsum powder has another very useful application. You use gypsum in the construction of the drywall. The builders use the plasterboard for making this. Another name for the plasterboard is the gypsum panel. It is also called as wallboard. Gypsum is calcium sulphate dihydrate. Its chemical formula is CaSO4.2H2O. It finds use in different forms of plaster and is also used as garden fertilizer.

    Gypsum is moderately soluble in water and so you cannot use it in places where you have water in abundance. Gypsum plaster has several advantages over the conventional cement plaster and POP plaster. One is that the gypsum plaster does not need water curing. This allows you to work at once with the painting as soon as you are finished with the plastering work. This cuts down the working time needed. For conventional cement and mortar, you need at least one week time for water curing. Check with the Gypsum plaster dealer for more specification before you place your order.

    Advantage in using gypsum plaster

    The other things that make gypsum an automatic choice include the fact that they can be applied directly. They produce an even and level line once the plaster has been applied. This increased workability helps to reduce working time and effort needed to finish the plastering work. The finish is smooth and aesthetic so you need not worry about doing anything more. This is one of the reasons why builders choose the gypsum plaster for finishing their walls and superstructure.

    You are assured of the quality of the construction when you use gypsum plaster. There is enormous saving in time and you do not need any skilled labour to deal with site construction work. Th cement sand mortar needs at least two weeks setting time to attain full strength. In addition to that, you must do sand screening for the cement mortar. This is not needed when you use gypsum mortar.