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Modern Building Construction Works Use POP Plaster for Time Saving

    Gypsum is the main component in the POP plaster. The name Plaster of Paris came because of the large gypsum mines on the outskirts of Paris from where the ancient builders got their first plaster for building work. This was in Montmartre and the calcined gypsum came to be called Plaster of Paris (POP).

    Heating gypsum to produce POP

    Plaster of Paris is finding more use in the modern building works due to several reasons. When heated to 300° C the bonded water in the gypsum is released as steam and the hemihydrate will reform as gypsum if mixed with water. You can get more details from the Pop Manufacturers in Haryana and then place your order.

    The other properties of excellent quality gypsum plaster include a set time of 15-20 minutes, residue 2-4%, and whiteness between 70-80%. It also shows nil wastage. The tensile strength of the finished gypsum plater work should be greater than 6.8kg/cm. The POP has a good advantage over conventional cement and sand plaster due to the smoothness it gives upon finishing.

    Advantages of POP

    Use of POP for plastering is helpful in other ways too. It provides the worker with the ability to make figurines and motifs due to the increased workability. The smooth finish assures great looking designs and wonderful artwork. The POP is light and helps decrease the dead load. The line and level is better when you use POP as compared to conventional cement and sand plaster. Also, the POP does not need water curing. You should give at least seven days water curing for the cement and plaster. There is wastage when one uses cement plaster due to the effort involved in mixing it.

    The best and reliable POP distributor in Haryana will give you the material you need for your building construction works. Check the specifications before you begin your construction. When you use POP for plastering, you can begin the next work immediately since you need not wait for any curing to take place. For cement sand plaster, you should wait for fifteen days to finish the curing process. At the end of the fifteen days, the cement sand mortar will attain its full strength. This is not the case with the POP plaster that attains full strength immediately.