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Raising Building Standards with Gypsum Plaster Construction in Rajasthan

    Gypsum is one of the constituents of plaster used for building construction. Though there are many types of plaster gypsum plaster finds most use due to its lightweight and high workability. You can mix it with water and use it in moulds and sculptures.

    Use of gypsum plaster in Rajasthan

    New trends in building technology and the manufacturing processes have seen many changes in the way gypsum plaster is used. You get good quality gypsum plaster in Rajasthan. The builders use it for their construction work due to its good structural and architectural properties. This chalk-like substance is the dihydrate of calcium sulphate.

    You can add water to plaster of Paris to make gypsum that hardens after a specific time. (Plaster of Paris is the hemihydrate of calcium sulphate and water is added it takes up the water molecule and becomes gypsum).  You can apply gypsum plaster over concrete, bricks, hollow blocks, or partition walls during the building construction work.

    Advantage of POP powder

    In the normal course, you need to finish the wall with cement plaster. Then, you must apply a layer of POP plaster to get a better finish. This was a two-stage process called POP pruning that took plenty of time. Now, the entire thing is being done with a single layer of readymade POP powder. The gypsum plaster has admirable properties suited for building construction such as fire resistance, impact resistance, and sound and heat insulation.

    You can see many gypsum plaster Manufacturers in Rajasthan but only a few of them supply the material that meets industrial specifications. These include a compressive strength of 60-65 kg/cm2, coverage area for the 25-kg bag of gypsum cement to be at least 21 square feet and have a set time of 25-30 minutes. The colour of the finished surface is to remain white.

    Due to the many advantages of gypsum plaster, builders choose it over the conventional cement plaster. For one, you will not have shrinkage cracks. It allows good workability and has a quick setting time. You can begin to paint directly after the application of the gypsum plaster on the surface of the wall. It does not need traditional curing. The time-saving results in higher productivity.