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Most Popular Uses Of Gypsum Powder

    Gypsum powder (hydrous calcium sulfate) is a smooth white powder which is created by heating of gypsum stone. The gypsum that is mined is heat dried, crushed and processed to become a powder. The powder is made use of in different agricultural, construction and industrial applications.


    Fertilizer which is based on Gypsum powder effectively makes loose the hard layers of clay and hard subsoil in the garden. It enters into the clay matrix and makes its structure loose. It enhances the soil composition, facilitates root growth, air and water movement and prevents soil erosion and water run-off. It converts salty soil into neutral soil, controls dust erosion and reduces bulk compactness of tough soil. It prevents water logging by improving the drainage capability of soil and makes magnesium harmless.

     Gypsum powder enhances the effectiveness of soil conditioners and organic fertilizers when combined with them. The content of Calcium of Gypsum, balances excess micro-nutrients in soil like zinc, iron, manganese and copper. It supplies sulfur, enhances grade of fruits and prevents any plant diseases. The bonus is that Gypsum is neutral and will not alter the pH of the soil.

    Dry Walls

    Dry wall is created with Gypsum powder. This powder is headed to evaporate major part of its water content and carbon dioxide composition to form Calcium Sulfate Hemi-hydrate, or Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris reconverts back to calcium sulfate di-hydrate, when combined with water.

     This slurry is poured in between two thick sheets of heavy paper which is flattened and set apart to form drywall. The resulting dry wall boards are dried further, cut, finished and packed for sale. The dry wall made of Gypsum is thermal resistant, fire resistant and provides sound insulation. It is durable and easy to repair. Dry wall can easily adopt many finishes, such as wall paper, paint and texturing. The dry wall is used for ceilings and interior wall finishes. As such there is great demand for gypsum powder manufacturers in Delhi.

    Gypsum In Construction Work

     The demand for Gypsum as construction material is high because of its ability to provide an aesthetic and comfortable ambience. For example, it is free of odor. As such, many features of exterior and interior construction are dominated by gypsum products.