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Benefits Of Gypsum Plaster

    Gypsum is a sulfate mineral typically found in layered sedimentary deposits in combination with dolomite, calcite, sulfur, anhydrite and halite.

     Gypsum plaster is excellent for wall surface finish. It is ideal for columns, ceilings and interior walls. There are abundant sources for gypsum plaster in Gujarat.

    Gypsum plaster is applied directly to a wall and has wide use in interior designing and construction. It is a dry, ready to use powder, of light brown hue.

    Gypsum plaster has following advantages over traditional sand cement plaster:

    • Quicker construction

    Sand cement plaster needs 28 days of water curing after which surface is made smooth with POP punning and takes time. In case of Gypsum Plaster, you complete the job fast and surface is ready for painting within 3 days.

    • Less dependency on river sand

    In case of gypsum plaster, the material comes in ready to use bags. Only add water and you are ready to go. The environment is damaged by river sand mining and latter is banned in many states. The best alternative to harmful river sand collection is gypsum plaster, which is perfect for complete applications of internal plastering.

    • Water curing

    As regards sand cement plaster, water curing is required to a large extent.  The minimum curing time of sand cement plaster is 28 days and hence the complexity of the project. Gypsum plaster saves you from need of water curing and saves money and the environment.

    • Preventing shrinkage cracks

    Shrinkage cracks are a major issue with sand cement plaster which emerges due to improper curing and high heat of hydration. Such problems do not exist with Gypsum plaster and so there is no danger of shrinkage cracks.

    • Lighter construction of building

    Gypsum Plaster features a density less than 50% when it is contrasted with cement plaster. Making use of Gypsum plaster for wall plastering reduces structural load on the building.

    • Less electricity bills

    Gypsum plaster has low thermal conductivity compared to sand cement plaster. It maintains the home cool in summers and warm in winters, thus saving on energy bills.

    These are all the benefits of Gypsum Plaster. One can source the product from Gypsum plaster suppliers in Gujarat.