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Difference Between P.O.P. And Wall Putty

    Wall putty is utilized for jobs such as a protective base for costly paints and levelling of wall surfaces and other such.  P.O.P. or Plaster of Paris is a white powder which is used for finishing outside surface of walls and buildings.

    Wall care putty is made of white powder or cement. It can be used for both interior and exterior walls and is used for giving a protective base, particularly for costly paints. Wall putty is used for filling pores in ceilings and walls. In the case of minor jobs, putty can be applied easily with a spray or brush.

    On the other hand, P.O.P is a whitish powder which forms into a solid, hard substance  by mixing with water, utilized to make casts and sculptures, in form of an additive to lime plasters as well as to make casts for broken limbs. P.O.P. is mostly composed of hemihydrates of calcium sulphate. P.O.P is a major ingredient of the typical cast for the human body like long arm cast, hip cast, short arm cast etc.


    • Wall putty is a combination of white powder and linseed oil. It is used to prepare plane or smooth wall surface.

    P.O.P. is any group of Gypsums (sulphate of lime or calcium sulphate dihydroxide). The process involves heating gypsum to very high temperature to form Calcium Sulphate and grinding the material to a smooth, white powder.

    • Wall putty is a generic term. P.O.P is named so because it is derived mostly from Paris and invented in Egypt.
    • Types of wall putty are coarse putty and fine putty. P.O.P comes in types like Gypsum, cement plaster and lime plaster.
    • The duration to dry for wall putty is a minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 48 hours. In the case of P.O.P, the time to dry ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours.
    • The advantage of wall putty is that it is water resistant preventing flaking away of paint even in the case of damp walls. P.O.P solves plaster surface and dry wall problems.
    • Wall putty is used for filling of small cracks and maintaining walls. P.O.P is used for wall finish, castings and making decorative features.

    You can source wall putty from online stores and wall putty manufacturers in India. So also, the case with P.O.P. which you can purchase from P.O.P manufacturers.