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Block Joining Is To Be Done Carefully For Preventing Casualities

    Trimurti Block Jointing Plaster is a prevalent water safe bond based plaster uncommonly planned for joining squares. This plaster is uniquely structured and produced under stringent quality controls to give prevalent cement quality, higher solidness and a solid bond between the squares. This extraordinary blend empowers this plaster to be more slender, minimal and flexible. It likewise guarantees higher bond quality and strength at just 3 mm thickness contrast with the regular plaster at 12-15 mm supplanting the traditional concrete and sand blend plaster totally. Block joining mortar is in great demand these days. Trimurti is leading manufacturer of mortar in the country.


    • Magnificent attaching to the squares/blocks
    • Better leveling
    • Forestall leakage and water permeation
    • Pre-blended, just water to be included
    • favorable circumstances
    • No restoring is required after application. In this way sparing water
    • More slender layer assurances to be more practical
    • Simple to blend and quicker to apply
    • Putting should be possible after 24 hrs. of utilization


    • Time and labor is spared
    • Lesser shrinkage and consistent structure
    • High quality grip
    • Consistency of material and quality
    • Can be connected by conventional artisan – no unique ability required
    • Zones of Application For inside and outside use for planning dainty bed square plaster for ALC and cell solid squares

    Suitable Substrates

    • Solid squares
    • Concrete plaster squares/blocks
    • Solid empty squares
    • Circulated air through light weight squares
    • Cell solid squares
    • Fly fiery debris blocks

    Substrate: The surfaces on which the square work must be done will be sound and affirm to great structure, unbending, spotless and free of earth, oil, oil, relieving mixes, structure discharge operators or free plaster and paint For economy the surfaces ought to be level and valid inside : Floors – 1.5mm in 1.0m

    Surface Preparation

    On the off chance that a plaster/leveling plaster bed is connected, guarantee that it is restored for no less than 7 days to accomplish legitimate quality before utilization of cement for development of square work. AAC block suppliers India are many but we are leading manufacturer of block supplier in India.

    Guarantee the substrate is spotless and free from polluting influences like residue, soil, flotsam and jetsam, oil, oil, relieving operators, existing paints, free plaster and so forth.

    • Dampen the surface before use of glue
    • Clean the back of square for any residue or covering


    Slender bed mortar for laying obstructs: Before putting mortar, guarantee the square work to be dry and surfaces cleaned appropriately. Spot the blended mortar on the square work in dainty layers of 2 to 3 mm (or as required by specialists at site) utilizing trowel and spot the following layer of squares on the mortar. Keep joints between the squares as required by the site architects and fill the joints with the blended mortar, utilizing a trowel. Check the plumb of the divider while laying the squares to keep the dividers impeccably vertical to the plumb.