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Which Is A Better False Ceiling Material – Gypsum or PoP?

    Gypsum is a soft sulphate powder that is used in the process of construction. It is a powder-like material that is used in plaster and other decorative constructions. Plaster of Paris on the other hand, also known as POP, is obtained from gypsum. Both these materials are widely used for constructing decorative ceilings.

    While gypsum is naturally available in the environment in crystalline form, the plaster of Paris is obtained by heating gypsum at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it could be said that gypsum s a naturally occurring material while PoP is a man-made material made using other naturally occurring materials.

    Both gypsums, as well as PoP, are used for designing false ceilings, but there is a significant difference between the two. These differences are as follows:

    • Price

    While both these materials are used for decorative purposes in the construction, there is a high difference between the prices of these materials. Due to the reason of its natural availability, Gypsum is quite expensive. It could not be used by people who do not have high budgets. On the other hand, Plaster of Paris, which is a synthetic decorative material is available at a price lower than that of gypsum. The price of the plaster of Paris is 30 to 40 percent lesser than gypsum. As a result, PoP has better affordability in the construction process.

    • Usage

    Using gypsum is more convenient and easier than PoP. Gypsum comes in the form of sheets which are easy to install using bolts and nickels. On the other hand, PoP is a bit complicated to use. It has to be mixed with an adequate amount of water to give it a proper form of a paste. This paste is later used as designing clay. A person who is not an expert in using PoP might not also be able to give PoP proper shapes and designs. As a result, the work might look clumsy and unfinished. Therefore, to ensure good looks and proper usage, experts have to be hired for working with the PoP.

    • Moulding

    While gypsum is available on ready to use sheet forms, PoP has to be mixed with water and then used. This means that PoP has a wider scope. It could be turned into various shapes and designs as per the demands of the person-in-charge of the construction process. The gypsum sheets do not offer much moulding and experimentation with the designs.  As a result, the creativity of the experts could not be used over a gypsum sheet. Intricate designs and decorative pieces look better when new creative ideas are mixed with them.

    There are a large number of Plaster of Paris suppliers and Plaster of Paris jail manufactures who provide the construction material at reasonable prices. PoP is also very easily available in the market and can be bought from any dealer who deals in construction supplies. There are a large number of workers who could turn PoP into great designs and give your home/office a completely new and fresh look.