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All Of You Need To Know About AAC Block Joining Mortar

    You may have an idea about this mortar mix but if you are curious to know more, Block Joining Mortar is a great quality, versatile mortar mixture. A premixed mortar in which selective raw materials are intermixed along with polymeric activities for providing strength and adhesion to the walls built with this mortar mix.


    • Product quality will remain consistent.
    • Due to its water retention properties, there will be no chance of shrinkage crevices.
    • There won’t be any requirement of curing after the work on block is done which will help in avoiding the wastage of water.
    • The mix won’t need much space so the problem of storage is solved simultaneously.
    • Superlative feasibility if comparison is made with the typical mortar
    • Its bond strength is high.
    • It is quite cost-effective.
    • It comprises of enough power to endure hammering as well as chiselling after a certain time.
    • Easy application, it saves from the hassle of spending more time on making the mix as it is a factory-made premixed mortar.
    • Even the thermal insulation is quite high as it can absorb heat around it.
    • Using high quality would add on one more benefit i.e. there won’t be any interruptions while mounting blocks and productivity will be high.

    Now, let’s proceed towards its mixing. You have to take powder and water (volume) in a 3:1 ratio. Start by taking palatable water in a single container and gradually add the powder mix into the water as you start mixing (used hands or mixing machine at slow speed). Keep mixing till the aim of a thixotropic mix without any lumps is not achieved. Also, there are some instructions you need to follow while preparing the surface or layering the block.

    • The blocks should be pre-wet. Make sure to moisten before you apply the thin layer.
    • Don’t forget to clean all the dust, loose materials, dirt, etc. from the mounting surface.
    • Make sure that the surface does not have any contamination and are completely robust because it may decrease the bond strength.
    • Last, there should not by any holes, cracks on the surface as well.

    The useful life of this pre-made mix is six months (in dry & cool place). About 2 to 3 mm is the right amount of density if you want to have ideal bond strength. For your safety, there are some precautions too. Keep it out of the reach of children. It may cause a problem due to dust inhalation. Avoid contact with skin as well as eyes. It may lead to allergy as one of the materials included is cement.

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