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Best Mortar Joint Technology Is Here

    Trimurti Product Pvt Ltd – the ISO guaranteed company, offers quality answers for challenges looked by the building construction ventures; transcendently splits, de-holding of plasters and water spillages and drainages. With changes in government and sound strategies, the company started building up its items by receiving the most recent imaginative methods to satisfy the needs of things to come, in the building construction industry.

    The company started its generation based on the progressed Polymerized Drymix Mortar Joint Technology embraced in European nations. The company started manufacturing high-quality Polymerized Drymix Mortars and Plasters, with its Flagship brands’ apicoplast’ and SILICOfix’ separately. The plant is well-outfitted with in-house Research and Development lab to guarantee new item advancement and quality.

    We have been one of the best leading organizations to offer Research-based Factory-prepared River sand, by receiving a stringent strategy for decontaminating, evaluating, and proportioning of River sand. The company’s persistent Research and Development has upheld the industry with Green and Environment agreeable items that are practical as far as toughness, quality, and proficiency.

    Throughout the years, Trimurti Products Pvt. Ltd., as a company, has fabricated a picture that marks greatness in the field of “Building Construction Industry.”We have stood the trial of time in conveying quality and trust. Starting our ventures with Government’s Residential and Infrastructural extends, etc., our brands – SILICOplast and SILICOfix have stood the trial of time.

    Sponsored with creative thoughts and mastery for over ten years, the company is presently very nearly presenting Polymer Modified RCC Repair Mortars, Micro Concrete, Tile fixing Mortar, Flooring, Screed and so on sooner rather than later.

    It is all around defined production line made prepared to utilize Polymerized Drymix Best Block Jointing Mortar which can be used for laying AAC Blocks and different kinds of Light Weight squares. It is a high-quality water safe Thin Bed Mortar specially detailed after extensive research and studies. It is overwhelmingly made for substitution of customary/regular site-blended concrete and mortar and square jointing spare set cement. It is so easy to understand that jointing AAC/Light Weight Blocks should be possible with speed and proficiency.

    It’s prepared to use by simply adding the required amount of water to it at the site to accomplish an effectively connected mortar giving a stable and robust joint of 2 mm to 3 mm. It is advantageous to utilize, and the workplace stays flawless, perfect, and clean at the season of execution of artistry work at the site.

    It’s produced by Trimurti Products Pvt. Ltd., at their plant in a robotized procedure as per definitions based on different items studies and research embraced. The plant is one of the most modern Plants in India, in which Team constrains all the critical manufacturing processes and activities. The plant can create 25,000 packs @ 40 kg for each sack of Polymerized Drymix Mortar/Plaster every day. This plant can be remotely checked through CCTV cameras installed inside the plant region. The company guarantee, consistent supply of 100% predictable high-quality mortars and plasters at all purpose of times, round the year