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Why POP is a must in Constructions?

Plaster of Paris is mainly a type of dry powder which should be mixed well with the right amount of water before it is applied on a plain or a textured surface or a wall. The manufacturers of Plaster of Paris always keep this in

How Is Wall Putty Different From POP

Putty is a cement-like material which is applied on a plastered wall, prior to painting. The typical process of applying paint to a surface that is freshly plastered starts with a coat of putty, which is followed by applying primer and applying paint.

Uses Of Wall Putty

Putty is a versatile material which has many uses. These include versions like toy putty, adhesive putty, molding putty, home improvement putty and best of all, wall putty.

What Are The Uses Of Gypsum Plaster?

Gypsum plaster is a modern day solution to ecologically straining and time-consuming process of sand cement plaster. Also, it saves on the punning cost of POP which is usually applied on sand cement plaster.

Uses Of Cement Primer

You have got ready raw materials for your DIY painting project like lots of tarp, roller brushes, painter’s tape and a gallon of carefully selected paint. You are waiting with bated breath about how the vibrant paint will look over the dull concrete floor or

Benefits Of Wall Putty

Wall putty is usually water based. It is among the best items of its type available in the market. It provides a durable, strong foundation for walls and enables the best performance from finish paints, both in durability and looks. Putty is meant for filling

The Correct way to Use Plaster of Paris

Plaster of paris is one of those products which can be used for various purposes- from coating walls of houses to making small models. A basic chemical property helps this material in functioning like this which is pretty easy to understand. However it is quite

Give your business a fantastic start

If you are about to enter the wholesale business of POP, then the first task is to find a reputed manufacturer. POP is widely used in almost all of the construction works to assure great smoothness for the walls and to develop excellent designs in

Several uses of Plaster of Paris

This material known as Plaster of Paris is a kind of gypsum that is commonly used for several functions in many parts of India. There is a reason why the name of a famous city is also added to the name of a plaster. The