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Type of Tile Adhesive
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What Are the Different Types of Tile Adhesive in India?

    Type of Tile Adhesive
    Type of Tile Adhesive

    Tile adhesive is used to fix the tile, and it is an essential part of the construction material. It plays an important role in the stability and sustainability of the tiles on the floor and wall. Whether it is about professionals or DIY people, there are numerous types of tile adhesive brands in India available on the market.
    While buying them, skeptical thoughts come to mind about which tile adhesive will promise longevity and assurance in the construction. In this blog, we will cover all types of tile adhesive available on the market.

    Types of Tile Adhesive

    Tile adhesive is the powder that is used in the form of a mixture to fix the tiles on the wall and floor during the construction process. According to the market, different types of tile adhesive promote longevity and durability. Let’s have a look at the types of adhesive:

    Cement-based tile adhesive

    The polymers are defined in this type of tile adhesive, and they tend to provide a stronger and longer-lasting effect on the floor. It adds a certain flexibility to the floor, and it is water-resistant once stuck and dried properly. These adhesives are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They can be used on various surfaces, including cement backers and concrete walls. They are more likely to be suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles. Trimurti, a tile adhesive manufacturer in India, provides these types of tile adhesive in the form of adhesive silver and gold.

    Thinnest mortar

    This is the synonym term for the thinnest cement, dryset mortar, and drybond mortar. These are a special kind of cement-based adhesive that comes in powder form and is mixed with water before application. It provides excellent bonding strength between the surface and the tiles. It can be used with certain types of tiles. At Trimurti, we have a wide range of wall tile adhesive prices, which cover all types of tile adhesive.

    Epoxy Adhesive

    The most effective type of adhesive is epoxy adhesive. These are made with a mixture of two main compounds, i.e., the resin and the hardener. The covalent bond between the epoxide group and resin ensures a stronger bond while they are used as tile adhesives. Although they are suitable for all types of tiles and walls, they are mostly used in home environments that are more challenging than normal areas. These areas include kitchen floors and slabs, bathrooms, and areas that have moisture or chemical exposure. They are expensive in comparison to other tile adhesives, and they take less time to stick during the application.

    Acrylic-based tile adhesive

    These types of tile adhesive are more likely to be slip-resistant, and they have grabbing qualities. They are premixed and ready to apply. They fall for easy application during the construction while also decreasing the time of application and dryness. Natural stone and ceramic tiles are more likely to be applied using acrylic-based tile adhesive. Primarily, they are considered to be used for applications with wall tiles.

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    Find your preferred tile adhesive at Trimurti Products!

    During construction, it is very important to choose the right material. The selection of the right adhesive is the most crucial step when you are planning to place tiles on your walls and floors. At Trimurti, we understand the needs of our clients; hence, we deal with products that are tested and approved to avoid disruptions.
    At our store, you will find a range of tile adhesives, including silver plus and gold plus, made from Korean polymers. Our products are made under our supervision, which guarantees the highest quality with a long-lasting effect.