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Getting More Work Done With Cement Wall Primers

In keeping up with the progress made in the building industry, most of the builders want to use modern building material for their structures. Indeed, this is an admirable policy as the new material is vastly superior to the older ones. This is due to

Difference Between P.O.P. And Wall Putty

Wall putty is utilized for jobs such as a protective base for costly paints and levelling of wall surfaces and other such. P.O.P. or Plaster of Paris is a white powder which is used for finishing outside surface of walls and buildings.

A Guide to Painting A Room

If you planning on redecorating your house, you will definitely want to bring a different shade of colour to the walls. It will not only make the walls more attractive, it will also help in altering your mood. Nowadays, there are no bounds to creativity.

Use of Various Cement Primers on Concrete Surfaces

Most of the modern buildings have advanced features due to the advancement in technology and in the use of superior building material. We use paint to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building. One of the things we must do before we paint any building

Superior Uses of Gypsum in Building Construction

When you mention building construction material one naturally thinks of gypsum powder among many other things. Gypsum powder is heated to remove the water molecule and carbon dioxide. It becomes calcium sulphate hemihydrate (CaSO4.½ H2O) which is called plaster of Paris. This calcium hemihydrate converts

Use of Gypsum Mortar in Modern Building Construction Saves Time

Modern builders are making increasing use of material produced through technological advances. This includes most of the material needed for everyday construction. One of the most useful building materials is the gypsum powder. This is made from calcining and grinding gypsum powder and drying off