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Wall Putty Make the Walls Beautiful


    Wall Putty, white cement made from premium minerals quality and imported additive and also contains fine quality polymer which is water resistant. It provides a proactive base for the paint. Wall Putty can be used on rendered walls, pre-cast walls, concrete, aerated light-weight blocks, hollow blocks, calcium silicate bricks etc. The best quality Wall Putty has adhesive strength, durability and better whiteness than other low-quality putties. Being a white cement base and polymer it is a good durable base for every type of luxurious paints, and less paint is needed to paint a wall putty wall.

    Wall Putty is of two types one is Acrylic or Readymade putty and second is Cement based putty. Acrylic or Readymade putty is available in the form of paste and can directly apply on walls, usually; it is not for exterior usage. And Cement based putty is in powder form and water is mixed with it so that it can apply to the wall.  These days cement based putty is on trend.

    Benefits of Wall Putty

    • Application of 2 thick coats of putty on the uneven surface of plastered walls will equalise the surface and give the paint a smooth finish.
    • It prevents peeling of the costly coats of paints.
    • Wall putty is Eco-friendly.
    • It can be used as Interior Wall Putty and Exterior Wall Putty.
    • Wall putty combines with plaster and makes a strong bond with paint and makes it lifelong.
    • It does not require much care.
    • The walls look very silky and smooth.
    • It saves wall paint from drizzling and patches for a long time because of its resistant property.
    • It brings out perfect tone and shade of the paint.

    Procedure to Use

    Wall putty is spread to provide an ideal base for the wall. Wall putty is applied after removing the dust particles and sand are removed properly from the wall. The appliers must ensure that they wear gloves and mask for safety measures because they are going to intact chemicals.
    What is the use of wall putty?
    Wall putty is an important element in the painting process. Application of wall putty before painting process, confirm a smooth finish because it gives an ideal formation to the walls for perfect application of the paints. You need to fill gaps and cracks with wall putty and then can start painting and priming process. Wall putty constituents are as following:

    • Drier: WHITE LEAD
    • Liquids: RAW LINSEED OIL
    • Powders: PLASTER OF PARIS
    • Thinner: MINERAL THINNER

    Shri Shakti Plasters, Superb Paint, Trimurti Plasters, Jai Durga Plaster Industries are some of the best Wall Putty Manufacturers in India, who make your walls look astonishing and elegant. Their good quality wall putty provides your paint smooth finish and long life. And some of its common brands are JK White Putty, Birla Putty, Asian Paints White Cement Putty, Jensolin Putty by Jenson, British Paints, SIKA and many more.

    So make your house beautiful with the help of best quality wall care putty.