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trimurti POP


    The Plaster of Paris (POP) is an ideal building material in modern building construction. But, in fact it has been around for centuries as many ancient buildings use POP in its buildings extensively.

    Check for the properties of POP

    You calcine high quality gypsum to get POP. It finds extensive use in architectural molding and in creation of plaster boards. You also use it for finishing the outer surfaces of the concrete blocks, walls, and surfaces. You can get high quality POP by going online. The pop material suppliers will list their brand and its price. However, not many will list the properties that forms the industry standard for the product.

    Industry standard for POP

    The desired whiteness of the POP is in the range of 65-70%. It should be ISO and ISI certified. The residue must lie within 2-4% and have a setting time of 15-20 minutes. On testing, the tensile strength must show at least 7.0 kg/cm. They normally supply the POP in bags of 2 kg to 40 kg.

    POP is light, highly workable and has admirable properties as far as aesthetics and workability go. Due to the solubility in water they are not used in places where there is water. You can use them in outdoor locations and for making attractive figurines since the material is highly workable.

    Fixing ceiling gaps

    Mud is the best product for repairing ceiling cracks and disfigurements. When ceilings develop cracks, or have gaps, you can fill the gap in with mud. Mud is the technical term used in the building industry for the white gypsum dust. This is mixed with water and applied to the crack. Sometimes, they call this mud as joint cement.

    The ready-mix lightweight joint compound with a creamy texture spreads easily on the drywall surface. It has many compounds including limestone, expanded perlite, and acetate polymer besides other ingredients. The mix is a secret for each of the manufacturers and they add substances that augment the strength and finish of the concrete structure.

    The quality of the construction depends on how good the material is that you use to build it. Use of superior material will result in a high-quality building with attractive features. Check the industry standard specifications before you buy any building material.