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Silver Plus Adhesive tile : The Elite Floor Tiling Solution

    With the best possible bonding, long life and convenient usage being the incredible features, silver plus adhesive tile stand as a way ahead to become an advanced tiling adhesive for flooring. The product assures the tile bonding under all the concerned conditions, either with the grey cement or in the case of a tile over tile. The product is priced low to make it reasonable and affordable. With all these qualities, the silver plus tile adhesive rules the related market and is the engineer’s first choice. The product saves the construction time by providing maximum adhesion at least time limits. The convenience of usage makes it the favourite of the construction business. The use of silver plus adhesive offers maximum benefits and a perfect tiling solution to the contractors. 

    Benefits of silver plus tile adhesive

    The adhesive owns all the basic qualities to be considered an elite product. The manufacturers and the engineers, through the same, has provided an extremely extraordinary solution to all the tile binding queries of the contractors. 

    Easy to use The adhesive is quite easy to use with simple steps.

    1. Remove the dust, water or any other waste on the surface where the tile pasting has to be done. Dry surfaces ensure better efficiency.
    2. Fill a bucket with 6 litres of clean water and mix 20 kg of adhesive with the water.
    3. Try mixing the mixture in #2 with a stirrer (no matter hand stirrer or machine one).
    4. Mix is ready to be applied on cement as well as tile and now it’s time to place it on the tile also. Poking notches enhance the friction and thus improving the quality of tile placement.
    5. Now, it’s the right time for the placement of tiles on the prepared platform and apply some pressure using a wooden plank for pushing out the excess adhesive.
    6. Just wipe the excess adhesive and the mission is accomplished.

    Thus, with such easy steps, the contractors and the workers are assisted in the best possible way.

    • Saves time: The silver plus tile adhesive with its quick-dry formula has become the strength of the contractors. The quick-dry offers maximum adhesion in minimum possible time thus cutting down the construction time to the least possible. Now, with the revolutionary product in hand, the waiting period of 24hours and more has gone and thus, the task can be accomplished on the same day.
    • Cost-effective solution: The improvised product is not highly-priced by the manufacturers. Instead, it stands highly recommended by the leading contractors and teams related to the field. The product is highly affordable and so in the tiling adhesion process, this has become the first choice of the related people. 

    The low waiting period, affordable prices, easy usage are the features that make the product the best choice for a durable and long-life of tiling experience in your dream homes. The product is an improvised version of the silver tile adhesive and a solution to an even better and convenient experience of interior home floorings.