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    Plastering is an antiquated building method to cover the uncovered surface and give defensive surface against entrance of water, other environmental offices like vermin and enhances the presence of the structure and gives ornamental impacts. We at Trimurti provide best quality plaster to our clients. We are one of the leading producers of gypsum plaster in the country. Gypsum plaster dealers are spread across the country but our gypsum plaster is best among the rest. Here are some properties of gypsum powder:


    The sand cement plaster is a homogeneous blend of Portland cement and sand with water. The sand and cement are blended at the site in various proportions. These days it is likewise accessible in Ready-made bundles. In gypsum plaster, gypsum is utilized as a coupling material rather than Portland cement. It is prepared to utilize and does not require sand.

    Zone recommendation for use

    It is utilized on the two surfaces inside and additionally outer. It is utilized just in interior dividers and roofs. Again it can’t be utilized in wet territories like a can, shower, kitchen, wash region, and so on.


    The thickness of cement plaster ought not to be less than 10 mm. The Thickness of cement plaster may differ and it relies upon the surfaces to be secured and its plumb and surface. For instance, for block dividers thickness of plaster is 12 mm to 20 mm. For underside of the RCC roof/rooftop, thickness of plaster is for the most part 10 to 12 mm. The thickness of undercoat of gypsum plasters are for the most part 11 mm thick for dividers and 8 mm thick to roof and complete coat plaster is 2 mm thick.

    Insulation properties

    It has pretty much same heat conductivity as gypsum. Gypsum plaster has low heat conductivity and great heat properties and guarantees vitality and power sparing.

    Tensile strength

    Gypsum plasters display high ductile and flexural quality. They are less inclined to breaking. Gypsum powder is best to use in decorating house in different ways due to its various qualities.

    Non toxic and anti fungus properties

    Cement plaster isn’t 100 % porous to water vapor. In the restroom or in the kitchen it will prompt the arrangement of buildup on the dividers and as results molds, growths will create and furthermore floor will end up elusive because of dampness. Gypsum plaster isn’t influenced by bugs and does not feed form development of parasitic. They represent no wellbeing risks and are in this way much of the time indicated in healing centers and facilities.


    Pre-Curing and Post-Curing are essential for cement sand plaster. Cement plaster needs a tremendous measure of water amid its relieving period. The site ends up filthy because of it and furthermore needs more opportunity for works. Gypsum plaster requires no water restoring and ought to be allowed to dry out as fast as would be prudent. Gypsum plaster requires no restoring which sets aside on such water. Trimurti is the most trusted producer of gypsum plaster in the country. We provide quality to our customers.