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Gypsum Powder

Know About Gypsum Powder and Its Uses

    During construction, there are several uses of Gypsum powder. It is a versatile product that is used in many fields, and it is obtained from the gypsum stone. The stone is heated, dried, and then crushed. The entire thing is processed to obtain the gypsum powder. We at Trimurti Products mine the best quality Gypsum to process it and get the good quality gypsum powder.

    So, what is Gypsum powder?

    Gypsum is also known as calcium sulphate hydrate, which occurs naturally and is found in several layers of sedimentary rocks. It has to be mined and processed to get it into the powdered form. Gypsum can be found in white or a slightly greyish colour depending upon where it is found. After processing, it turns into a white powder. There are many uses of gypsum powder, from the food industry to the construction business. That is why it is also considered a versatile mineral. It is also used in the medical industry.

    Here are a few of the uses of Gypsum powder:

    Construction work:

    Gypsum is a very popular mineral when it comes to construction work. Many of the work is done using Gypsum. One of the main things is the creation of a Drywall that is easier to make using Gypsum powder. Water is mixed in the powder to create a texture which is called the plaster of Paris. The Drywall is made by pouring the paste into slabs and giving it the required shape. Gypsum is used for its quality of being an insulator of both heat and fire. Many false ceilings are made using the Plaster of Paris. Several designs and ambiances are given the desired shapes using Gypsum. Many interior designers use it as a material that can be used in the exterior and interiors to give the perfect aesthetic ambiance that is comfortable and looks great as well. Since Gypsum is durable and easy to repair, it is now commonly used everywhere. Its finishing can be done easily, so it is always used for texturing walls and also as wallpapers. It is also free of odour, which is another reason to use Gypsum as the go-to material for any construction purposes.


    In the field of agriculture, Gypsum is used as an important fertilizer. Its ability to loosen up the hard layers of clay and subsoil in the gardens or agricultural land has led farmers into using the powder often. It is responsible for enhancing the overall composition of the soil and also facilitates the growth of roots. It helps the roots in holding the soil well and also creates water retention, thus helping in avoiding soil erosion. Gypsum has calcium in it, and when it is mixed in the soil, it helps maintain a balance of other ingredients in the soil and helps prevent any plant diseases.

    So, here were the uses of Gypsum Powder. Get the best quality Gypsum from Trimurti Products today!