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Getting More Work Done With Cement Wall Primers

    In keeping up with the progress made in the building industry, most of the builders want to use modern building material for their structures. Indeed, this is an admirable policy as the new material is vastly superior to the older ones. This is due to the addition of super-effective adhesive materials, plaster binders, and so on.

    Good quality finish

    One can see the same trend in the cement wall primer one uses in the modern buildings. We can use almost all brands of primers for both the interior and exterior walls. The preparation for the application of the primers is also an intensive operation.

    If the surface is coated with paint, it must be thoroughly cleaned with a stiff wire brush to remove dirt, dust, flakes of paint, and grease. The algae and fungi are brushed clean. Once this is done, the new paint will adhere properly when you apply the primer. All the cracks must be filled with wall putty.

    Allow curing time

    Allow 6-8 hours for the primer to take effect. Stop all leakages and allow freshly painted surfaces to cure properly first. The surface applied with the primer will dry within 20 minutes under normal weather conditions. You can choose different kinds of finishes for your wall. Accordingly, you have matte, smooth, and other kinds of finishes.

    The water based cement primers have high water resistance. They save time and are cost effective. One can use it with great ease and get consistent quality in the work. Use of the cement primer reduces the paint consumption.

    Check for quality

    Since the builders use cement primer water based there is no need for curing. The only condition is that the freshly plastered surfaces must be adequately cured. Care should be taken to see that the primer does not chalk or flake after application. When used with brush application, the coverage must be good.

    You have to wait for the minimum of 4 hours before you apply the second coat.

    Choice of good building material ensures you have quality finish for your building woks. You pass on to your clients the quality you get from using the superior building materials