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Get high quality Gypsum plaster

    Gypsum plaster has become a modern day technique and is money saving method. People these days are opting this technique in order to avoid plaster of paris punning cost. It provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties while providing superior finishing. Gypsum Plaster is hard finished plaster and is dehydrated with chemicals like alkali sulphate, alum and borax. Contractors and builders prefer gypsum plaster because they can be directly applied over brick/block work without separate finishing and is easy to apply and level gypsum plaster.

    The plaster has to be taken care of and has to be stored carefully. The gypsum plaster bags have to be stored on elevated surface (dry platform) made of bricks, timber or concrete at site. It has a minimum shelf life of three to four months from the date of manufacture and if properly stored, its shelf life can be extended to more than six months.

    Delhi Gypsum Company produces and manufactures best quality Gypsum Plaster by partial dehydration of mineral gypsum, commonly with special retarders and when added with water, it gets hardened by chemical recombination. The plaster produced by Delhi Gypsum Company reduces dependency on River sand and  is ready to use just after adding water to it. River sand mining is harmful to environment and is banned in many states. The manufacturing provides you with best alternative to usage of river sand for all internal plastering applications. Gypsum plaster being equivalent to plaster of paris in its usage is high on demand. One of its common uses is that it reduces shrinkage cracks elimination which is a common problem due to high heat of hyderation and improper curing. Gypsum plaster eliminates the problem and hence walls become free from shrinkage cracks. To list the benefits of Delhi Gypsum Company’s gypsum plaster, it is essential in water curing. Gypsum plaster gives you freedom from water curing thus saving cost and environment.

    Density of gypsum lasts is a light product in building construction and is more than 50% less as compares to traditional plasters. Therefore it also decreases structural load on building.  The product gives high performance and is excellent strength after drying, and saves water consumption after it has applied on walls, ceilings etc. Even after its applicability, it gives a smooth and levelled texture at right angled corners as well. Delhi Gypsum Company gives readily available raw material that can be used in traditional cement plaster, which is sometimes hard to find. The plaster is also fire resistant and has a low thermal conductivity therefore saves cost for heating and gives a cooling effect in big buildings. Rather than for economic purpose, the gypsum plaster is also used in decoration in houses roofs and ceilings and can be moulded into various forms.  The plaster is light in its properties and can be used as substitute for clay in decoration items and making designs or carving them in houses to give a beautiful and modern effect to the house which one could see after painting with different colours.