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Which Is The Best Wall Care Putty Manufacturers India?

    Home sweet home is everything that a person needs and heartily works hard for. We toil hard to make our home look good and elegant. We spend hours deciding which color our rooms should be. But, most of us forget to pay attention while buying wall putty. Most of the time, we opt for leading brand names. However, product specifications and characteristics are somehow overlooked. It is important to know, that wall putty has a number of characteristics that can differ from a brand to a different brand. A wrong decision about the best wall care putty manufacturers India can make the entire hard work of painting futile. So, which things are to be considered before deciding on a brand of wall putty?

    There are some basic parameters to be taken into account before purchasing wall putty. Good finishing is the most important of all. It is important that after applying the material, the wall looks even and smooth.

    It is also convenient if the product has good coverage. Good wall putty means it covers high area per unit of weight.

    In tropical countries like ours, water resistance is a must-have quality in-wall putty. So, make sure the putty resists any kind of spoilage when comes into contact with water. Good waterproof wall putty should have water resistance higher than 95%.

    After that, we have to be careful about its adhesion strength. There is no use of applying wall putty if it comes off easily. So, it must have a high capacity of adhesion to the substrate layer (wall).

    It is not possible to check every parameter merely by looking at the product. Sometimes actual usage is necessary to judge the quality of any particular specification. So, it is recommended to undertake a trial using two coats.

    Best wall care putty manufacturers India takes special care to make their products the leader of the market. However, it is our duty to check the product beforehand. Besides these characteristics, there are many parameters that are not very conspicuously seen on sites. Among those falls workability. For efficient wall putty, the initial setting time should be >=100 minutes and the final setting time should be <=500 minutes. Next, tensile adhesion must be rough>=0.8 N/mm2.

    As for non-product factors, preference should be always on manufacturers who make use of impervious packaging for their products. Wall putty has a tendency to absorb water molecules from the atmosphere which leads to deteriorating its performance. A good quality packaging system prevents such a disaster and ensures its best quality over time. Further, those suppliers or retailers should be preferred who store their products at a cool and dry place. Finally, last but not least, expiry dates should be checked before purchasing. Usually, wall putty comes with a shelf life of one year. However, material that is near the expiry date may have a deduced performance. So, try to buy a product that is current and has time left before it expires.

    Now, you are an expert on your own wall putty!