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All You Need To Know About Gold Star Tile Adhesive

    The selection of appropriate pigmentation and specifically accumulated fit as per quality and precision as per different types of tiles is completely necessary. The gold star tile adhesive is the perfect choice for the same. The tile may be marble or mosaic, ceramic, or any other type, but the procedure of fixation of all of them has been made convenient and simple by the introduction of gold star tile adhesive. The same is a mixture perfect for keeping the joints between the two pieces of tiles intact and fixed. The product is a perfect solution for all types of tiles without any doubts regarding the misplacement of the same either from walls, ceilings, or floors. The efficiency of the product cannot be questioned as the highly defined precision quality is unbelievably amazing.

    Product’s featuring characteristics

    1. The product is an imported gypsum type that ensures a super strong grip and holds, and the extra coverage quality of the same saves time and money. 
    2. The application is less burdensome and time-consuming as well as strong enough to hold each tile in its place. As a result, the outcome is unbeatable in terms of quality and durability.
    3. The consumption of paint is finally reduced as the placement of tiles enhances the quality and look of walls without any other support material.
    4. The innovative gold star tile adhesive is a brilliant product that owns the calibre of extra coverage and faster application capability with faster fixation compared to traditional fixtures.
    5. The ISO and ISI certifications prove the worth of the product.
    6. The incombustible nature of the product is an important feature responsible for high market ratings of the product.
    7. Highly tensile strength guarantees the security of the structure for a long time.
    8. The thermal resistance of the same is truly relevant and trustworthy.

    The mentioned features of the gold star tile adhesive describe the reasons for the popularity and preference of the product in the market. The unmatched benefits of the same prove the worth of the product as per the cost.

    The plus points of the product

    • The adhesive efficiently provides a super white finish to the structure that is the perfect look you were looking for. The resources concerning time and monetary value are consumed less, making the procedure cost-effective and preferred.
    • The tensile strength provided to the structure is finally unparalleled in the field.
    • No maintenance cost is the dominant trait that makes the gold star tile adhesive a preferred choice by contractors and builders.
    • The reliability and long-term benefits of the same are the basic features responsible for creating a loyal market for the product.
    • Resistivity to heat and freezing temperatures makes the product unique and distinguished from the competitive brands in the field.

    Texture and colour of the same

    The product is a grey powder with a pot-life of approximately 2 hours and a coverage capacity of around fifty to fifty-five square feet per twenty-kilogram bag. The thickness in this context would be about 3 mm.

    The gold star tile adhesive price is affordable and pocket friendly. The same is around 650 INR for a twenty kg bag.