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Gypsum Plaster
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Advantages of Gypsum Plaster Over Traditional Wall Finishes

    Gypsum Plaster
    Gypsum Plaster

    Plastering is a necessary process carried out by builders to create reliable and sustainable structures. Gypsum plaster has turned to be a more reliable material to carry out plastering than traditional methods. It has gained global acceptance and is estimated to become $7.85 billion by the end of 2023.

    Plastering provides walls with the required smoothness and evenness, enabling a more sound texture for other applications and delivering a visual aid. Besides improving the aesthetic value of walls, the plastering provides a protective cover that protects the external and internal components of the wall. The way of plastering has evolved with the application of gypsum plaster powder.

    Gypsum plaster has gained the preference of house owners and construction professionals for its distinct chemical and physical properties. It has enabled gypsum plaster to superimpose the traditional method of plastering. The following passages will depict the details regarding gypsum plaster and its various aspects.

    Gypsum Plaster- An Introduction

    The chemical name for gypsum plaster is Calcium Sulphate dihydrate (CaSO4 2H2O). Gypsum rocks are available as natural resources and are subjected to a heating temperature between 120°C and 160°C to dehydrate the rock and create Plaster of Paris or stucco. Further, the gypsum plaster is created using special retarders and additives.

    Using gypsum plaster powder in construction is not a new practice and dates back to ancient Egypt. The benefits and versatility have enabled gypsum plaster to become one of the most preferred materials in construction. It can be used both as an undercoat and finish, making it a better alternative to lime and cement.

    Applications of Gypsum Plaster

    Here are some of the uses of gypsum plaster powder:-

    One can provide a protective coating to walls and surfaces by using gypsum plaster. With the same, walls remain ready for regular wear and tear and protected from adversities like wind and rain.

    Gypsum plaster is an ideal material for creating aspired decorative shapes due to its specification to act as a casting and molding agent.
    Using the gypsum plaster makes the walls even and improves the beauty.

    A building remains protected from hazards due to its fire-resistant features.

    Benefits of Using Gypsum Plaster

    The following are the merits of gypsum plaster that make it a better alternative to traditional wall finishes:-
    Higher Tensile Strength and Durability
    Construction professionals use gypsum plaster to provide walls and surfaces with more endurance. With the same, residential and commercial spaces become a safer place. Coating of walls and surfaces using gypsum plaster is more durable and less likely to develop peels and cracks.

    Gypsum plasters are heat resistant and can be used all over a building without compromising safety. There are fewer chances of the thermal runaway with gypsum plaster. The thermal resistance of this material also enables a person to make the living space more comfortable.

    No Surface Cracks Post Application
    The mixture of water and gypsum plaster causes an exothermic change. However, the heat released is insignificant and prevents surfaces from developing cracks, contrary to cement.

    Ease in Application
    Using gypsum plaster is comparatively easier than cement as it does not require as much water usage. It also does not require additional input from the user to make it ready for the application.

    Less Input Required for Maintenance
    Maintaining the surfaces post-application of gypsum plaster is comparatively easier than cement plastering. It makes them a more appropriate material for construction professionals and house owners willing to have a sustainable and reliable structure.

    Resistance to Corrosion
    The anti-corrosive properties of gypsum plaster make it a more efficient choice than traditional plastering. It makes the same a better maintenance measure professionals and house owners can take to safeguard the vital components that provide the base of a structure.

    Remarkable Acoustics
    Acoustics here implies the transmission of sound around a structure. One can use products of the best gypsum plaster brands in India to provide the building with an appropriate degree of soundproofing, as it has a variable Sound Absorption Coefficient from 0.5 to 0.7. With the same, one can create a more comfortable space.

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    Concluding Remarks
    Gypsum plaster powder is one of the most sensible choices for creating a better space. It provides walls with a smooth texture that makes them ready for distinct applications and more vibrant. There are multiple applications of gypsum plaster. Gypsum plastering is a better alternative and provides more benefits than traditional plastering. If you are searching for a reputed gypsum plaster dealer, wall putty manufacturer, tile grout manufacturer you can choose Trimurti to have the best quality products.