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Features And Advantages of Block Jointing Mortar

    For the construction of buildings, various types of building materials are required and that too of high quality to maintain the strength of the building. Builders and architects help in providing an excellent look and strength to the building by using good quality material. Best block jointing mortar helps in offering strength, efficiency while construction and also enhances adhesion among two blocks. These should be used/applied at internal flood and wall. The block jointing mortar is suitable for cement mortar bricks and blocks, and concrete hollow blocks.

    Features of block jointing mortar are as follows:

    • Ready to mix: In the block jointing mortar there is no need to create the mixture, just open the bag and mix it with the required quantity of water.
    • Thermal insulation: Applying block jointing mortar reduces the transfer of heat between the objects.
    • No requirement of curing: After the completion of block work there is no need for curing. No time is wasted in giving the final touches.

    The advantages of using block jointing mortar are as follows:

    • Provides high strength: The block jointing mortar provides high strength to the building and to the walls that make the structure of the building strong. It increases the life of the walls.
    • Provides high accuracy in construction work: The use of block jointing mortar provides a high level of accuracy in the construction work.
    • Requires less time: In the case of traditional cement-sand mortar, most of the time was wasted in giving the final touches, but in block jointing mortar, there is no need of giving final touches which saves a lot of time.
    • Prevents water seepage: While application of block jointing mortar and after its application, it prevents the water seepage. Water seepage makes the structure of the building weak that is prevented in the case of block jointing mortar.
    • Economical: As compared to the traditional cement-sand mortar, this mortar requires 75%less material which makes it more economical. It also covers more than 160 square feet of area in 3-4 mm thickness with the 50 kg bag of mortar.

    Before the application of mortar, the surface has to be prepared as follows:

    • The surface has to be cleaned properly for the better bonding so that there are no loose particles of dust.
    • Before the application of block jointing mortar all the cracks, holes should be repaired for getting a better look.
    • Now, blocks should be made wet and wait for some time till the blocks become touch dry.
    • Now, you are ready to apply the mortar. In a 50 kg bag of mortar, one should mix around 15 litres of water.

    Trimurti is one such company that provides the best quality products to its customers. It has more than 15 years of experience in this field. The cement block mortar provided by Trimurti is specially formulated that is much better than the traditional Cement-Sand mortar. It has excellent bond strength and is highly durable that makes it best to be used over others.