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Best quality fast bond to make your work simple

    Quick Bond is a polymer based cement for use with EIF frameworks connected over generally substrates. If you are looking for the best supply of quick bond then Trimurti is the best place. Fast Bond gives a solid security among froth and substrate. Quick Bond is an admixture of sand, concrete and unrivaled quality polymers. Additionally we offer the double advantages of mechanical and compound holding, which wipes out the work escalated hacking and diminishes resounding misfortunes.


    • It is easy to use as it really smooth to apply. It can be effectively applied by brush/roller.
    • It takes very less time to apply such products as the use is very simple and convenient.
    • Less bounce back misfortune while putting as it is very smooth. So smooth that it helps the person using it by succour them in doing it in a really short span of time.
    • It is water dissolvable item subsequently no dissolvable smell. When you mix it with water then the whole thing becomes really smooth and helps to use it in a more better and excellent manner.
    • The best feature of this bond is that it dry very quickly making it better for usage. Normally, it takes around 12-24 hours, contingent upon atmosphere. However, drying time can be enormously influenced by temperature and moistness.
    • Fast Bond is utilized as a cement for froth to substrate. This is the best use of fast bond as it can be mixed in cement and then making it more smooth to use.
    • Great grip to solid, bond board substrates, square, block, extended polystyrene and polyunsaturate froths.
    • The capacity of quick bond is great Shield is solidifying. It is preferred to store in a cool, dry zone firmly fixed. The prescribed capacity temperature between 40-90 F.
    • It can be dissolved in water as it is considered to be water dissolvable when wet.
    • Time-frame are of realistic usability as it is really perfect in timing. It takes very less time to apply this bond and moreover, it takes very reasonable time to just dry this up which makes it efficient and effective.
    • Surrounding and surface temperatures must be over 40 F amid application and drying period so making it easy to use.
    • It is really tough to use the quick bond on bumpy surfaces as it does not give the best results, although using it on flat surfaces make it really great and it gives the best results.
    • Substrate must be spotless, dry, and free from all free or outside materials preceding use of quick bond.

    Application of quick bond

    Quick bond is normally connected to the froth with tempered steel workmanship trowels scored 3/8″ wide by 1/2″ profound each 1/2″. It can likewise be connected with a general steel trowel, utilizing the “strip and touch” strategy. The froth should then be connected to the substrate by driving the froth on and sliding it into place with the end goal that no holes exist between froth pieces.

    The best quick bond manufacturers in Rajasthan is Trimurti. We provide the best quality of quick bond.