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Manufacturing Of Gypsum Boards

    Also called as plasterboard, wallboard, or drywall, gypsum boards are an excellent construction material and easy to install. They are widely used for partitions and lining of the interior walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors in the modern and trending construction methods. These boards are waterproof or moisture-proof. These boards consist of multiple layers of paperboard or fireboard that are bonded with gypsum.

    • Types of gypsum board: There are two types of gypsum boards. One is a regular Gypsum Board that has natural capability of resistance from fire and the other one is the special type of gypsum board that has distinctive essential supplements. These supplements extend the capability of the normal gypsum board and make it non-flammable.
    • Raw material: The primary material used to make these boards is gypsum. These boards are a mixture of gypsum that is sandwiched between the two paper sheets. These boards are fire-resistant owing to the presence of gypsum which is calcinated. In the calcination process, gypsum is exposed to high heat that makes the water present in it turn into steam. Gypsum contains a large amount of water in crystal form. When the gypsum comes in contact with fire, the water in it vaporizes. Even if the whole water vaporizes, gypsum will not burn. Thus it protects the material which is bonded with it. Paper that is used in these boards is made up of recycled paper and can of two types. First is a gray back paper that is laminated with aluminum foil to give it a special feature. This makes the wall to limit the flow of water vapor in some rooms or areas like bathrooms. Second is ivory paper that promptly accepts most of the paint and other product if primed properly.
    • Manufacturing process: Gypsum board manufacturers mix or blends the plaster or gypsum with the fiber like paper, foaming agent, plasticizer, starch, EDTA, various additives that can reduce the mildew. The mixture is made to increase the fire resistance of the board and make it waterproof. The gypsum when comes in contact with moisture, it turns into a paste. The board is made by supplementing this mixture between the two sheets of paper. Then the edges are given shape and their finishing is done. After that, the board is cut into the standard size. This is then dried to make it strong to be used. For drying, they are kept in the chambers where the natural gas is used to dry them up. This removes the excess moisture from the boards.

    Gypsum is an excellent mineral that is used since ancient times all over the world. It is economical, good quality and characteristics, versatile, and easy to use. It is also easily available as there is a gypsum plaster dealer in every country. These boards are widely used in residential properties, offices, schools, banks, and other buildings. The popularity of these boards is increasing due to the trending and beautiful architectural designs made with the help of it.