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Use of Various Cement Primers on Concrete Surfaces

    Most of the modern buildings have advanced features due to the advancement in technology and in the use of superior building material. We use paint to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building. One of the things we must do before we paint any building surface is to use a primer.

    Method of applying primers

    The use of a primer is to prepare the surface for the paint application. The most commonly used material is the Cement wall primer. Before we apply this to the surface of the concrete structure, we must prepare the surface. Priming will help boost the adhesion and increase the durability of the paint. The paint along with the primer helps to protect the surface beneath from the elements of nature and pollution.

    Preparation of the surface consists of scraping the surface with an iron brush to remove the loose debris and dirt. This action helps to remove any growth and uneven rock pieces that protrude from the surface. Then, the surface is brushed and sand paper is applied. This removes the finer dirt and dust and makes the surface even.

    Check the choices available

    Cement primer water based is a popular choice for concrete surfaces. It prevents flaking and peeling of the paint and keeps the walls looking new. Before you begin any project, you must consider the various kinds of primers and the amount of primer you would need to do the job. You should consider methods of preparing the surface and the time and effort you would need to apply the primer.

    You have many types of concrete primers available. The choice of an oil based primer will not be suitable for concrete surfaces due to the absorbent nature of cement. So, the choice of acrylic primers is suitable. The next type of primer available is polyurethane primers. This help prevents the staining and improves the bonding of the paint.

    When you have outdoor construction, you must choose silane penetrating sealers. This kind of sealer is waterproof and helps protect the concrete from extreme changes in temperature and chemicals. The first step in applying the primer is to strip the old paint from the surface and then use the iron brush to clean the surface. You can use a paint stripper or a power washer for the purpose.

    By choosing the right primer for the concrete surface, you get a better finish and protection for the wall. This helps enhance the value of the building enormously.