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Leading Types of Wall Finish Products

    • The term ‘wall finish’ refers to the finish provided to walls, to improve the exterior and interior structure of the wall. Wall finishes for interior walls are very delicate and require careful maintenance. Modern trends have resulted in numerous kinds of wall finishes to add beauty to an exterior and interior spaces.
    • Following is a list made of wall finish products:
    • Wall putty: A coat of wall putty smoothens the cracks on the wall surfaces. It also enhances the shade effect of paint when it is coated as a base. As a base, it reduces paint consumption. It is suitable for both interior and exterior walls. For best wall putty, do online research or consult professionals.
    • Cement plastered finish: This is made in the mortar form with cement, water, and sand in ideal proportions and may be smeared on masonry by manual means to get a finish that is smooth.
    • Cement textured finish: It is a finish meant for decoration and its mortar will be created in material based on cement. It is smeared using plaster of sand face and a trowel. After this, it is covered with paint.
    • Plaster of Paris finish: Also, called simply as Plaster, it is a kind of building material based on calcium sulfate hemihydrates. It offers a smooth finish when POP is usually applied on interior walls.
    • Gypsum Plaster finishes: It is just like POP, but mortar is prepared by the Gypsum based material. It is finer and more durable in comparison to POP finish.
    • Glass Mosaic finish: Tiles of glass mosaic are small- 1 inch to 1 inch, imprinted on a cloth to achieve a workable size of 12 inches to 12 inches. This tile is posted using an adhesive onto wall surfaces. It can be applied also on curved surfaces. It comes in various colors and mostly used in water walls or swimming pools.
    • Designer mirror surfaces: they are obtained by using small pieces on walls to create designs like murals.
    • Ready mix plaster: this is a pre-mixed mixture of plaster, used by adding sufficient water and applying when needed. This plaster needs very little water and so application is less messy. It has a very high-quality finish. Ready mix plaster in India is easily available.
    • These are some aspects of various types of wall finishes.