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Importance of Applying Wall Putty Before Painting

    Want the perfect painted wall that is without cracks? Did you know that applying wall putty will help in increasing paint life? The wall care putty manufacturers know exactly how to overcome paint-related problems; hence they have come out with a solution like this for flawless walls. 

    If you are confused, then this article will help you with all your queries and tell you about the importance of wall putty. 

    So, let’s get started. 

    What exactly is wall putty? 

    Wall putty is a term for a substance that has high plasticity, and its texture is like dough that can be adjusted and molded into any form on the wall. It is like a cementitious substance whose essential capacity is to try and even out the surface and make a leveled one for additional layers of paint. It helps in filling minor breaks and pores, eliminating any sort of undulation on the wall. The application of putty on the wall is the preliminary step for long-lasting painting results. During repainting, provided the wall conditions are acceptable, with no significant breaks or leakage or dampness inconvenience, putty need not be applied on the entire surface, and only the final details can be made proper.

    Applying wall putty before painting is a necessary step as this will help in increasing the paint life on the wall. Wall Putty has an amazing bond and rigidity. In this manner, when applied to walls before walls painting, it adds to the existence of the walls paint.

     Aside from this, wall putty decreases the disintegration of a wall by making it water and flake resistant the coat of wall putty are to be applied after the primer, and it has to be put only when the primer has fully dried.  

    Another important thing we would like to mention is that the wall putty is waterproof. Well, there are different types of it, and you can get a waterproof-based one easily in the market. This helps in a finer finish on the wall, and waterproof cement is not required when you have waterproof wall care putty.

    Wall putty is, for the most part, expected to keep going for around 10 years. Yet, because of the paint that is applied over the wall putty, the lifetime of the wall putty likewise is decreased. The wall should be repainted following 5–6 years, hence making the entire interaction of applying wall putty a vital step while repainting. Hence, we can say that applying wall putty is a long-lasting solution.

    Wall putty in India is available in different types depending upon the type you need for your walls. It is different for office premises, hotels, and households because every type of wall needs a customized way of application. A putty is like the care that your wall needs to ensure a finished and flawless look on the walls and make it long-lasting so that the interior can always look ravishing, with the least maintenance.