It has a complete range of plastering solutions to finish all kinds of walls, including brick, block, cement concrete and dry walls. A well finished wall or a ceiling can make a room come alive. The key to achieving a great finish is selecting the right product for the right application


TRIMURTI QUICK BOND is a bonding agent that enables quick preparation of ceiling and wall surfaces (within 24 hours). It offers the dual benefits of chemical and mechanical bonding, which eliminates the labour-intensive hacking process and the risk of plaster de-bonding.


Available in 1kg and 10kg pack.


  • Ready to apply
  • The green colour makes identification easy
  • Dual bonding (mechanical as well as chemical grip)
  • Can be applied on any concrete surfaces like RCC columns, beams, slabs, shear walls or any low-suction surface
  • Works equally well for both gypsum & sand-cement plaster