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    Gypsum Bond Manufacturers in Agra

    Get The High Quality Gypsum From The Best Gypsum Bond Manufacturers in Agra

    Choosing the high-quality building and renovation material is important as the quality material ensures the long-last bonding and results. Look no further than the Trimurti Products. We are the best construction material manufacturer and supplier in India. We offer construction materials of high quality at very reasonable prices, making us the best gypsum bond manufacturers in Agra.

    Time-Saving One Coat Gypsum Plasters

    Trimurti, the reliable quick bond supplier in Agra, offers distinct plaster materials that cater to your needs by providing the best results and bonding. Just apply one coat to the brick wall, and the surface is ready to paint. Different types of plaster materials are:-

    • Perlite-Based

    Composition: Perlite-based plaster is a lightweight volcanic glass which gets expanded during manufacturing. 

    Properties: Water-resistant, lightweight & fire resistant is an  excellent alternative to traditional plastering techniques. 

    Usage: Pre-lit based plaster is used as an insulating layer in wall systems or a base coat before applying finished plasters. 

    The plaster comes equipped with the ability to provide the best results such as- four times more insulation and this is one-coat plaster which results in saving lots of time. You can use perlite-based gypsum powder on many interior surfaces, such as red bricks and A.A.C blocks. 

    • Vermiculite-Based

    Composition: Vermiculite-based plaster is a natural mineral which gets expanded when it becomes hot. Vermiculite-based gypsum powder is a premixed single-coat plaster, which eliminates the need to apply sand, cement, or P.O.P.

    Properties: Sound absorption, insulating, fire resistance, lightweight

    Usage: Used for fire protection, thermal insulation, and soundproofing

    • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block Jointing Mortar

    Composition: A.A.C. is a lightweight concrete material that contains air cells. The AAC block jointing mortar is specially designed for bonding AAC blocks.

    Properties: Lightweight, strong insulating & thermal efficiency

    Usage: Helps in bonding AAC blocks during construction and creates walls that are thermally efficient & structurally sound.

    Being a leading and reliable quick bond manufacturers and suppliers in Agra, we offer ISO-approved and ISI-marked materials. Our team of experts works efficiently and always ensures that you get the world-class quality products at a very budget-friendly cost at Trimurti Products.

    Get The Best-Quality Gypsum To Save Your Time And Money

    We provide the best quality material used products with several advantages and benefits, here are a few benefits discussed.

    • Ease of Application: We focus on manufacturing the high-quality gypsum plaster, with a focus to provide the easy application with minimal preparation.
    • Time-Efficiency: Our high-quality plaster saves time during the application process, resulting in faster project completion and saving the time.
    • Robust Bond: Best-quality gypsum plaster’s mechanical and chemical grip assures a strong and long-lasting contact between the surface and the plaster.
    • Versatility: Gypsum plaster can be easily utilized on surfaces that traditionally require gypsum and sand cement plaster.

    We provide the best quality gypsum bond in India, to get the high-quality products. Contact us today at Trimurti Products.