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Tile Adhesive: A Solution to Persisting Issues!

    Tile Adhesive
    Tile Adhesive


    The construction industry uses tiles abundantly to construct new structures and repurpose older ones. A mixture made of cement, sand, and water was earlier used to install tiles to the walls and surfaces. Tile adhesives have become more than a requirement due to the changing needs of the construction industry and user-specific requirements to install bigger, heavier, and vitrified tiles.

    Tile adhesive is a cement-based powder that delivers an even consistency once mixed with water. Its adhesiveness and tenacity make it an ideal product for wall tile installation. Moreover, it has the required specifications to provide robust vertical and horizontal tile installation, making it a great product for construction professionals and end-users. In this blog, we will discuss the solutions that a wall tiles fixing chemical provides for general issues faced after a tile installation.

    What is a Tile Adhesive?

    Tile adhesives have the required pastiness to keep tiles intact and attached to the walls. Using these not only maintains the aesthetic value of walls but also maintains its structural integrity. It accomplishes the needed cohesion by establishing a durable bond that can withstand moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental factors.

    The following are two types of tile adhesives mostly used:-

    Cement Based: It is a cost-efficient and versatile option that has a wide range of applications and is used most commonly. It is made using cement, water, sand, and other additives such as latex, polymers, or admixtures.

    Epoxy Based: This wall tile adhesive is used for its superior strength and water resistance. Using these enables a person to fix tiles to difficult surfaces such as metal, glass, or PVC.

    Wall tile adhesives from the top tile adhesive brands in India are best suited for application on the following wall surfaces:-

    Concrete Walls: One can efficiently fix tiles on concrete surfaces by using wall tile adhesives.

    Dry Walls: A properly prepared and supported drywall is best for tile adhesive application.

    Exterior Walls: Tile adhesives specifically tailored to fix tiles to exterior walls.

    Best Practices for Applying Wall Tile Adhesives

    The following are the best ways with which one can install wall tile adhesives efficiently:-

    Surface Preparation: Preparing the required surface is imperative for the successful application of wall tile adhesives. To prepare the surface, one should keep them dry, clean, and free of dust and grease.

    Mixing: Adhesive should have adequate water abundance to deliver the needed consistency. With appropriate consistency, the adhesive serves the purpose and provides the best possible outcomes to the end-user.

    Placement: The tiles need to be aligned neatly, and the adhesive must be evenly distributed to provide the best results.

    Grouting: The application of adhesives before grouting provides the best result and makes the grouting process more prolific and efficient.

    How is Tile Adhesive a Necessary Material for Repurposing and Construction?

    Wall tile adhesives from the best tile adhesive companies in India provide solutions for the following issues that make them a suitable product:-
    Tile Fixture: With the application of other alternatives, there are possibilities that tiles may fall off the walls. Contrary to other available alternatives, wall tile adhesives are better products and provide a more permanent solution relating to establishing the bond between the wall and tiles.

    Cracked Tiles: There are several reasons why tiles crack, like improper installation, movement of the substance, moisture damage, thermal and mechanical shock, etc. Using inappropriate tile adhesive is one of the evident reasons for causing misalignment and lack of cohesion and causing cracks in tile and leading to loss of luster and vibrance.

    Grout Discoloration: This issue occurs when the grout is not compatible with the adhesive, and users need to be careful while choosing a tile adhesive to avoid this issue.

    Mold Growth: Mold growth occurs due to water ingress, which is common in other alternatives of tile adhesive. Tile adhesive addresses this issue and provides resistance against mold formation.

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    Concluding Remarks!

    Tile adhesives are the required materials to address the current construction needs. Tile adhesive is a sophisticated product that is suitable for operation on different surfaces like cement, drywalls, and exterior walls. By using best practices, one can have the best possible outcomes from using wall tile adhesives. One must use the material of top tile adhesive brands in India to get the best results. Trimurti is a tile adhesive manufacturer in India with a high reputation. Unlike other tile adhesive companies in India, we care about our clients and deliver them the best possible outcomes.