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Trimurti Cement Primer is a water based wall coating suitable for application on Interior and exteriors walls. Trimurti Primer does not chalk and can be applied on freshly plastered surfaces that are Adequately cured. It does not required any water curing

Surface Preparations

The surface to be painted must be free of all dust grease, traces of paint flakes, algae, fungus, etc. The surface previously coated with paint must be cleaned thoroughly with a stiff wire brush, to remove dust, dirt chalking or any friable material. This ensures proper adhesion of the new paint system. Allow it to react for minimum 6 – 8 hrs. All structural cracks must be open in V shape filled with Trimurti Wall Putty , all leakage should be stopped, before actual painting. Freshly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely.


Available in 1 ltr., 4 ltr., 10 ltr., 20 ltr.