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AAC Block Jointing Mortar

Trimurti AAC Block Jointing Mortar is a specially formulated mortar that is better than the conventional Cement-Sand mortar. It does not require any curing after the application. Properties like a superior bond, high tensile strength, and durability in the thickness of 2-3 mm layer, makes it stand out among the best in the world.

It qualifies the International ASTM-C1660-09 the quality standard of thin-bed mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete by a great margin. It has good thermal insulation and fly-ash is used in its production. Thus, they are considered as eco-friendly or green building materials. For many years, cement sand mortar is used for masonry construction. But using conventional mortar with newly invented AAC blocks has led to low construction quality, as their properties are mismatched. Hence, the formulation of special adhesives to match the properties of AAC blocks was necessary. Trimurti produces one of the best available AAC Block Jointing Mortar for laying AAC, CLC, Hollow concrete blocks and bricks. Trimurti manufacture, distribute and supply this high-quality mortar in large capacity.

Product Highlights

Strong Bond

Zero wastage


Non Toxic


  • Ready to mix.
  • High Tensile strength.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Curing is not required after block work.
  • Maximum coverage of 170-180 sq. ft at 3mm thickness.
  • Formulated and tested to be in compliance with ASTM C 1660-09.

Benefit & Advantages

  • Eliminates the need for storage due to ready to mix feature.
  • Strengthens the wall and make them long-lasting.
  • Provides regulation of heat through walls.
  • Prevents seepage and water percolation during and after application.
  • It helps achieve better leveling and avoid shrinkage cracks.

Project – ATS Housing

Following a trust and faith in Trimurti and its products like Trimurti Wall Putty, POP.

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  • High strength-(tensile splitting strength)
  • Self curing
  • Flexible & improved workability
  • Less strong space
  • Construction accuracy
  • Fast construction and higher producttivity

  • The masonry units should be cleaned, leaving no loose particles or dust for better bonding.
  • Curing the base surface is needed before applying the AAC Block Joint Mortar.
  • All surface defects like holes, voids and cracks should be repaired beforehand.
  • Pre-wetting the blocks and keeping them touch dry is important.

  • It’s a versatile jointing material, mainly used for laying AAC blocks.
  • It could be used to lay fly ash bricks and concrete blocks.
  • Used as an option to the conventional cement and sand mix mortar.

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