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Our infrastructure set up is a result of a well engineered thought process, keeping in mind the pros and cons of the same. Our manufacturing unit is spread over a gigantic area of 15000 square meters in Bikaner, Rajasthan, which is the heart of India’s finest raw gypsum mines. Our infrastructure is an amalgamation of wide area, top class machines and well equipped laboratories which ensure consistency in product quality and required amount of production 24×7, 365 days of the year.


The principal of POP manufacturing is to convert gypsum, dihydrate form of Calcium Sulphate to POP, hemi-hydrate of Calcium sulfate by controlled heating. Hence production of POP involves dehydration of gypsum and preparing it in a powdered form. This process involves controlled heating of crushed gypsum at a pre-set temperature, while simultaneously cleaning it from unwanted silica. If below steps are properly followed, the resulting product remains resistant to shrinkage, cracking or warping and it stays firm and smooth after gradual setting. And being more convenient and efficient in application and gradual setting of the plaster means longer life of the finished plaster.