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In this modern time, plastering is no longer a tedious or less taken option. There are advanced options in plastering like Trimurti gypsum plastering. It is a present day solution that is much better than the time taking and ecologically draining process of Sand Cement plaster. It is not that only, it also saves on POP punning cost. This is something that is usually applied on Sand Cement plaster. Trimurti gypsum plasters have been extensively used for years in the construction zone due to its brilliant and distinct properties. The plaster caters productive and impressive thermal and acoustic properties and at the same time it caters ripple free line and levelled walls with supreme finishing.

Benefits of Trimurti gypsum plastering over Sand Cement Plaster

Have a quick peep into the benefits of Trimurti plaster:

Quicker Construction

Sand Cement plaster demands 28 days of water curing and only then the surface gets smoothened with POP punning that is again demands time. In the presence of gypsum plaster, your walls are quickly finished and surface gets paint ready within three days.

Absence of dependency on River Sand

Gypsum plaster of Trimurti is available in ready to use bags. You just have to add water and you are right there to get started.  Similarly, it might interest you that river sand mining is ecologically harmful and so banned in various states. Trimurti plaster caters you the finest alternative to use of river sand for all the internal plastering applications of your house.

Water curing

Sand Cement plaster demands water to cure the tune of 0.6 kg/m2/day. Hence, you would need a lot of water for bigger projects. And once you are done with the minimum curing time of Sand Cement plaster that is 28 days, the amount multiplies manifold. Gypsum plaster gives you the ease to stay free from water curing. Thus, it saves you from costs and guards the environment too!

Shrinkage cracks

Shrinkage cracks are an apparent problem in Sand Cement plaster that is caused because of high heat of hydration and unsuitable curing. Gypsum plaster does not have any of such problems and so the walls are free from any type of shrinkage cracks.

Lighter Building Formation

Thickness of Trimurti gypsum plaster is more than fifty percent less as compared to conventional Sand cement plaster. So, the use of Trimurti plaster for wall plastering diminishes the structural load on the building.

So, with Trimurti gypsum Plaster, you get quality that too without any hitches! It is easy to use, apply and dry!