We excel in a wide gamut of Ready Mix Plaster which is used for excellent wall surface finish. Our product range provides an excellent finish to interior walls, ceilings and columns. Directly applied to a wall, it has an extensive use in residential and commercial complexes in civil engineering and other areas of construction and interior designing. It is a ready-to-use dry powder that is light brown in color, manufactured to provide high-early strength within a very short span of time by mixing optimum quantity of water.


  • Internal bare brick walls
  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete Columns
  • R.C.C Ceilings
  • Shiperox Blocks Work
  • Flawless whiteness, an expression of purity
  • User friendly and easy in application


  • Colour of Finished Surface : Super Whiteness
  • Bulk Density : 1020kg/m2
  • Concrete Columns
  • Setting Time : 25-30 Minutes
  • Coverage of 25kg Bag (13mm thickness) : 21 sq.ft.
  • Compressive Strength : 60-70 kg/cm2


Available in 40kg pack.


  Quality Assurance Direct Application Line & Level Smooth Finish Time Saving Water Curing Shrinkage Cracks
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Plaster of strength – Gypsum Plaster Trimurti Gypsum Plaster is the highest quality plaster found in the market. We make sure the product is smooth, extra white, strong and is ideal for all architectural needs. With vast industry experience and knowledge, we offer exclusive range of ISI certified P.O.P. We believe in providing facilities and products that are flawless.

If you aren't familiar with gypsum plaster, here is a guide to help you out: –

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum plasters have become quite popular as they are high quality material that help in building products like blocks, plaster boards, tiles and much more. They are light in nature and high when it comes to fire resistance. With the rise in real estate in the country, contractors and builders want to save time with construction. With gypsum plaster, you can achieve superior finish and also save time with the construction work.

This is a chalk type of material which is light in weight. It is a crystalline mix of calcium sulphate with water. Gypsum is a unique choice when it comes to building and constructing. It has several properties like moisture resistance, fire protection, vapor control and impact resistance. Application of the Gypsum Plaster?

You just need Gypsum and water for plastering purposes. It is applied to the walls within leveled strips and then finished out with a fine surface of steel trowels. This will ensure it is put well and there are no bumps along the way. The finished surface is smooth and shouldn't have any slopes or curves. The surface is sand papered to give it a further smoother finish. Cement is not to be mixed with this plaster at all. Advantages: –

There are several reasons why gypsum plaster is beneficial over cement sand plaster. Here are a few of the advantages of gypsum plasters: –

1. This plaster can be directly applied on block, brick, RCC and it does not require any separate or special finishing product on top or below. You do not need any kind of curing which means you can paint it without having to put layers of products on top.

2. You can save a ton of time during construction with the help of gypsum plater. It is easy to work with and dries down quicker too.

3. Once it settles in and dries down, it forms into a dense surface. This makes it easy to even out and spread through the wall.

4. These plasters do not have any appreciable chemical reaction on paint.

5. It is a durable and green material which is also good for the environment.

6. Usage of Gypsum plaster is not too messy, it is quite easy to clean up which is why so many constructors are opting for it. Sand cement plaster is a time consuming affair which can also get quite messy. You need several materials like sad, water and cement to mix it. This also requires a lot of water for curing and at least seven days to dry down properly. This delays the construction time more and more. It is also not eco-friendly in nature and can be quite harmful.

7. Gypsum plaster is a ready to use material and also labour-friendly. It delivers smooth, crack free and incredible finish.

Why should you pick Gypsum Plaster over Sand cement plaster?

With all the advantages listed above, we have made it quite clear why gypsum plaster works wonders for constructions but does it knock down the old school method of sand cement plaster? Let's compare the two in several aspects and see how they fare: –

Application –

Sand cement plaster does not provide leveled patches and surfaces. You can end up having troubles making it leveled. But with the help of gypsum plaster, you can level out right at that moment in a quick easy way.

Post application –

Sand cement plaster requires at least 7 to 10 days to dry down completely and curing. Whereas, gypsum plaster dries down in about 3 days and is ready to paint once everything is dried. Who really has the time to wait 7 to 10 days to get their building or house painted, right?

Crack free –

Sand cement plaster can have many shrinkage cracks quickly but gypsum plaster will never show signs of any shrinkage cracks. When put in various angles of corners, you will notice sand cement plaster looks lumpy and not leveled but since gypsum plaster is a thin material, it works well for any corners and is always leveled well. You don't have to work too much with it. It goes on like butter on walls.

Finishing –

When using sand cement plaster, you will require POP to finish out the walls and to increase the thickness of the wall too. But with gypsum plaster, you can apply it directly on any surface without any extra products. The finishing of sand cement plaster can feel a little bumpy all over which is why POP is used to smooth it out. But this is not the case with the latter.

Benefits to the builders –

Gypsum plaster is eco-friendly and shrinkage free. It is also crack free which is great for constructors as they do not need to spend more on applying extra products to get good results. It reduces the plastering time by around 65% which results in high productivity. It is durable, light weight and performs well on any surface.

Benefits to the customers –

It is long lasting so that means their walls and ceilings will not have cracks even after 10 to 20 years. If someone is reconstructing their entire house, they can get the work done quickly with the help of this material. A clean and beautiful looking wall is everything people want in their house or office. Gypsum plaster also saves electricity as it has low thermal conductivity.

With all these advantages, you can make out that Gypsum plaster is quite an amazing product available in the market. Constructors, builders and people should go for this material over the same old sand cement plaster to benefit the advantages of this material. Most people are opting for gypsum over sand cement plaster to make walls, ceilings, and much more. The material contains 21% of molecular water which is great for those people who often have complain about the rain getting into their walls and causing leakages.

So what are you waiting for? Turn to gypsum plaster today!